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Welcome to the Pupil Governors page for Burton CE Primary School.

Our wonderful team of pupil governors are a central part of the school community, meeting regularly and acting as a 'pupil voice' to influence decision making and school improvement.  Each class has a note book to minute meetings and gather valuable peer feedback to inform our discussions and decisions.



Our Aims

We are the voice of the students

  • We aim to get things done to make our school better.

  • To find ways to improve our school.

  • To give every pupil a voice and to make all decision making fair.

  • To raise money for local and global charities.


Membership and Elections

Any pupil of Burton Primary School can put themselves forward to be elected democratically. Each candidate will be given time to think of a speech to present their class which will explain why they think they would be the best person to represent the views of their class. Then the classes vote for two people who they feel would get the job done the best by writing down the name of the two people they decide on. 


Pupil Governors 2023-24

Roles are selected in a democratic election process where members vote with a show of hands.

Chairperson: Jessica

Vice Chair Person: Felix

Secretary: Harriet

Treasurer: Katie


KS1 - Louie, Sophia, Zuzanna, William, Elisha, Ezra.

LKS2 - Felix, Katie, Rosie, Paige, Harriet, Emilyrose, 

UKS2 - Jack, Valentina, Quinn, Rose,Teddie, Jessica, Phoebe, Sam


Link Teacher: Mrs Steel, Mrs Otton, Mrs Edmunds




Pupil Governor meetings are held as often as possible. For the meeting to go ahead there must be at least 8 pupil governors present. Decisions will be made using a hands up or blind voting system. If a decision can’t be reached, it will be put to the whole school. Ideas and questions are put to classes/the whole school before they are voted on at a pupil governor meeting.


Pupil Governors Code of Conduct

As agreed by the Pupil Governors:

  • to be on time to every meeting

  • respect, value and listen to each other

  • support each other

  • take turns to speak

  • make decisions after we have listened to each other

  • always have the interest of the whole school at heart when making decisions

  • give all children a voice

  • have a positive 'can do' attitude

  • be kind


Matters discussed:







What we have done so far this year:


Friday 17th November

On Friday 17th November it is Children in Need and to support this we would like the children to come to school dressed in spotty or sporty wear. We are asking for at least £1 donation to this worthy cause. The children will have a choice of what activity they would like to join in with during the morning from colouring to yoga, circuits to table tennis.

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