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PE 2021/2022

Summer 2

Tri Golf at TGS - Wednesday 15th June

Year 4 took part in a Tri golf competition at The Grange School.

There were seven teams and we came second! 


Can do festival - Monday 20th June

On Monday some of our year 4, 5 and 6 children headed to Poole Park for the Can Do Festival which is run by Rockley Watersports and organised by Dan Moody at the Grange School. Activities included kayaking, rafting, football, netball, cricket, and kayak racing.

The winners were decided using the accumulated points from the activities all day. We are excited to announce that……..Burton won!!!

Well done to all of our children that made us proud with their hard work, de-termination to win and brilliant behaviour. - Mrs Slater


Report by Maisie

First, on our action-filled day, we participated in raft races. The first round was won by Burton and the second round was won by our opponents. The rafts were ready made by the friendly instructors who gave us a push at the start – they were made from 4 plastic barrels, rope and wood.

Next, we had to put on a wetsuit on for Kayak training. There were three Kayaks, Tamsin shared with Samson, Harry shared with Connor and I shared with Matilda. It was splashing fun and my favourite activity of the day.

After that we had netball. To start it all off we played tag, it was lots of fun. I managed to tag lots of the other team. We split into two teams, in the end it was 3-1 to them.

Next, we played football penalties and most of us scored! We then had a match and we beat them 3-1, it was tough but we worked really hard as a team.

Penultimately, we played cricket. We started by throwing and catching. Then we played a game of rounder, everyone had a go at fielding and bowling, I hit the ball on the first try.

After lunch was the final race, we came 4th, 1st and 4th. We got changed and then it was reward time.

Burton came  



School Games festival  -  Wednesday 22nd June

We have had a very successfully day, our Y6 handball team won the County finals at the School Games festival, our Y4 tennis team came 7th out of 10 teams and boy was it hot! - Mrs Slater


Handball Report - Eddie, Connor and Seth.

10 children in year 6 took part in a county finals handball tournament .The event took place in Blandford, in a private school, 14 teams from all over the county played.


We all played as a team and we got out of the group stage and into the semifinals and we went on to win the whole tournament! Burton only lost two of our games in the whole tournament. 

We would all love to say a massive thank you to Mrs Simmonds for training us and taking us.



Tennis Report


Christchurch School Sports Awards Evening

Congratulations to Eddie, Connor, Emma, Max, Seth and Maddie for their outstanding contribution to sport at Burton Primary School. They have taken part in many sporting tournaments over the years, are developing into great sports leaders and are always excellent role models demonstrating our sporting values. The awards were presented by Jamie Barrow the world's fastest snowboarder.



Sports Day - Friday 8th July

We had a glorious day for Sports Day this year.

The children were able to take part in a round robin of events followed by year group running races.

Sadly, Ks2 had to cut short their activities as the sun was just too hot.


were the over all winners.

Summer 1

Year 4 Football Tournament - Tuesday 3rd May

Mrs Slater arranged for year 4 to participate in a Football Tournament. Mr Moody attend to Ref.

Year 4 split into house teams and each team had two captains to decide who would play in each game.


First Europe played Africa and America played Asia.

Then the winners played each other.

Europe vs Asia.

Europe were the overall winners with 13 goals.


Everyone had great fun and some of year 4 ever received medals for showing our sporting values.


Thank you to Mrs Slater and Mr Moody for organising and running the Tournament.

Tennis Competition - Wednesday 18th May


Ten children from year 4 went to a tennis tournament at Christchurch Tennis Club. The ten children were Jessica S., Chloe R., Teddy M., and Stanley O. from Rabbits, as well as Melissa L., Faith F., Charlotte J., Nico N., Callum L., and Lachlan W. from Hedgehogs. It was a glorious sunny day perfect for the tennis that morning and we were all very excited

We played 5 other schools from the area and some members of Twynham School explained the activities (there were 10). We started at number 8, the coconut shy. After that we did number 9, forearm tennis and number 10, backarm tennis. Then we did activities 1 to 7 which were things such as the wall and tennis ball balancing. We then had a final tennis match of doubles or singles before the scores were announced.

Every team got over 1,000 points but Burton School won!

As well as winning we have got into another tournament in June.

It was a tremendous experience but we couldn't have done it without Mrs Slater so we all gave her a big thank you. We all got medals of the sporting values at the end and that amazing morning was over.

Report by Jessica S.

Girls Football Tournament - Monday 23rd May


Christchurch Schools Year 5/6,

7v7 Football Tournament at Twynham Primary School.


Quadkids Tournament - Wednesday 25th May


On Wednesday 25th May, 24 children from Burton took part in the Quadkids Tournament for Christchurch Schools

Everyone who took part did an amazing job and represented our school brilliantly



The Year 3/4 children competed in a 50meter sprint, standing long jump, the howler throw and a long run of 400meters.

The Y5/6 children competed in a 75meter sprint, a standing long jump, the howler throw and a long run of 600meters.


Everyone who took part did an amazing job and represented our school brilliantly

Thank you to Mrs Slater and Mrs Simmonds.


Reported by Eddie.

Spring 1

Dare to Believe - Thursday 13th January

We took part in the Dare to Believe festival at the Grange

We took part in hurling, dodgeball, frisbee, and five person football.

During the Football session we practiced our shooting.


After the event, we all received Medals with our sporting values on.


We had lots of fun.

Year 6 Football Tournament - Friday 14th January


Yr6 played an excellent football tournament.

First it was Africa vs Europe and Asia vs America.

Second, Asia vs Europe and America vs Africa.

Each match lasted 10minutes and it was very intense. Stanley and Isabella M took score and Orla was in charge of the stop watch. 

We wanted to tell you about 6 people who were awarded a medal because they showed our sporting values.

Ezster for determination, Ronnie for Respect, Deniz for honesty, Isabella B for self belief, Callum A for perseverance and Alfie for team work.

The final scores were

4th - America

3rd - Europe

2nd - Africa

1st - Asia

Well done to everyone who took part you were all amazing.

By Orla, Stanley and Isabella B.


Rugby Tournament - Thursday 10th February

Seth, Samson, Maddie, Elliott, Lola, Charlie M, Tamzin, Chloe, Leyla, Aston and Max participated in a rugby tournament at The Grange School. There were 17 schools that competed.


Our first match was against Lytchett Minster. 

The score was 4-0 to them which was ok but it boosted are confidence.


Our second match was against St Walburga's Catholic Primary School and we drew 1-1.


Next we played St Joseph's Primary School, the score was 3-2 to them but we were proud as this was our highest score so far. 


In the afternoon we played Kingsleigh Primary School, the score was 3-1 to us!!!

We were very proud of ourselfs.


Our last match was against St Peters Primary School, the score was 6-3 to them! 

Even though we did not win the tournament, we enjoyed the day overall and we scored 12 points.


Thank you to Mrs Slater for taking us and supporting us. And thank you to Joe for teaching us and coaching us.  

Autumn 2

On Wednesday 3rd November the Year 5 football team took part in the Christchurch schools football tournament


Here they are with their Medals


Handball Tournament


On Wednesday the 8th December, Freddy, Eddie, Connor, Seth, Charlie, Isabella, Lily, Ava, Poppie and Emma were chosen to represent our school at The Grange School in a handball tournament.


There were 8 teams including us, we won four of our matches, lost two and drew one.

Everyone who participated, played extremely well.

A lot of thanks to Mrs Slater who took us and arranged it.

Autumn 1

Monday 28th September




to our new Y5 Sports Leaders: 




Aston, Woody, Ally, Quinn, Harmony, Peaches, Archie and Max


Joining our Year 6 Sports Leaders

Eddie, Seth, Maddy, Lola, Callum, Max, Connor, Ethan, Daisy, Samson and Isabella B

On Wednesday 20th October Year 4's Taylor, William, Adam, Oscar, Zachary, Fletcher, Ben, Daisy, Hayden and Mauricio took part in the Dare to Believe festival at The Grange School.


We enjoyed lots of different sports like; curling, non stop cricket, tennis, rock, paper, scissors and elephant football.



We had a great time.


Welcome to Burton CofE Primary School