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Design and Technology


I have the great pleasure of leading Design and Technology.  It is a subject I am very passionate about.


In the last few years there has been great emphasis placed on children thinking technically, designing and evaluating as well as constructing purposefully.  As a result, we have begun a drive to enhance our children's love of building.


DT within the school inspires a love of possibilities; the children are given many opportunities to 'think outside the box.'  They are encouraged to research, test and adjust as they create. 


We have developed a Progression of skills for 4 strands DT:

  • Sewing and textile work,
  • Construction using toys,
  • Modelling leading to woodwork and
  • Cooking and Nutrition.

(Details of these strands can be found in the Handout document linked below)


Below there is also a copy of the Powerpoint presentation from a Staff Training Meeting (Spring 2015) and a Progression of skills document which runs alongside our 4 strand model mentioned above.


Any questions related to DT please feel free to pop in.


Mrs Vaughan x

Year 4 arrived safely at Avon Tyrrell. Having a super time.