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¡Bienvenido a la página de idiomas extranjeros!

Welcome to the Foreign Languages Page! 


"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.

If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart." 

Nelson Mandela


At Burton CE Primary we are passionate about embracing all languages and cultures from around the world throughout our primary school journey. Children in Key Stage 2 learn Spanish although we aim to celebrate all languages through a range of learning opportunities including European Languages Day,  International Mother Language Day, Chinese New Year and many more. 


At Burton, children follow the iLanguages scheme of work usually taught by a lead teacher. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes long and the lesson foci is consolidated throughout the week by the class teacher through the use of the class working wall. Lessons focus on the three pillars of language learning  (Phonics, Vocabulary & Grammar) and enable children to practise their new knowledge through listening, speaking, reading or writing  or all of them! Our children learn through a range of activities from listening and singing songs, playing games, listening to and reading stories, watching clips, role play, practising dictionary skills and many more. Knowledge and understanding are taught on a 'spiral' curriculum with vocabulary, grammar and phonics being constantly revised and built upon - we do more with less. Lessons also support the teaching of English as we are constantly drawing comparisons between the two languages. Sessions also explore how Spanish speaking countries live and celebrate certain customs, enabling our children to appreciate similarities and differences across the world as well as developing an awareness of cultural capital. Children's progress is recorded in their personal Language Portfolios which follow them up through the Key Stage. In addition to this, children also learn the key skills in learning a language so that they can apply these skills when learning other languages or indeed any other learning in life! 


Please read the following documents for more information. 

Languages Policy 2022

How to support and further learning at home




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