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PE 2017/2018

Sports Leader Training


On Thursday 26th September, Burton School’s new Sports Leaders went to The Grange School to train.  The people who participated were: Ella H, Sidney B, Kacey W, Harry Mc, Jessica B, Dylan S, Millie R, Johnny D and Rebecca D.


We played lots of games that were really fun like:  The Human Knot, Traffic Lights, try and make your own game and lots more.


The School’s that participated were Burton, St Josephs, The Priory, Twynham, Somerford and Highcliffe.


We would like to thank Mrs Slater for taking us.  Well done Burton.


By Jess, Kacey and Ella

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Girl's Football Tournament - 18th October 2017



On Wednesday, 18th October the Burton girl’s football team played in a tournament at Mudeford Primary School.  The first match we played was against Mudeford Juniors.  It was an outstanding game but sadly we lost 1-0.


On our second game we won 3-0 and Freya scored a hat-trick luckily we kept a clean sheet and Kelsey played brilliantly in goal.


In the third game we played Highcliffe St Marks.  Sadly we lost 2-0 but it was a tough game even though we tried our best.


The last game we played was against Christchurch Junior and we played back a good goal from Scarlett and an epic assist from Freya (bottom corner).  We would like to thank Mrs Slater for the support and the people who took part were: Ella, Rebecca, Bethany, Scarlett, Freya, Ava, Kelsey, Kacey, Ella and Jessica.  We did well and came 4th overall.


Well done Burton.


By Freya, Scarlett and Kelsey

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Indoor Athletics


On Wednesday 8th November 2017, Burton School took part in an indoor athletics tournament against Somerford and St Josephs.


There was lots of different activities, the main ones were relay races, chest pass, soft javeline, vertical jump, long jump and triple jump.


In the girls 1 x 1 relay we came second along with the boys.  In the 2 x 2 the girls came 1st and the boys came 2nd.


In the 4 x 1 relay girls came first and the boys lost unfortunately.  In the 6 x 6 relay the girls lost and the boys came 2nd.  These were the track events.


In the triple jump you had to do a hop, skip and then jump as far as you can.  Both boys and girls did well in the standing long jump.  We stand behind a line and jump as far as possible.  In the vertical jump we stand and then jump as high as we can.


Altogether we came 2nd.  Everyone that took part did well.  Thank you Miss Slater for organising this tournament and the transport.  Well done Burton!


by Ruby S and Millie R

Moors Valley


On Monday, 6th November 2017 we went to Moors Valley.


We did activities like: Mini beast hunting, finding out about Autumn and Map reading.


The people who went with us were Jack, Ava, Jake and Ellie.


We had so much fun there climbing the spider web, making new friends and memories with other schools.


We would like to thank Miss Slater for taking us on this adventure to Moors Valley.


Thank you!


By Hollie and Poppie H

7 v 7 Football Tournament


On Tuesday 7th November we played in a 7v7 football tournament at Littledown leisure centre against all the other Christchurch schools. We took 2 teams and both our teams came 3rd in their competitions so well done to everyone who took part despite the pouring rain!

Dare to Believe Festival

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