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YEAR 6 WEEK 5 SUMMER TERM 29th June - 3rd July

This week we are revising Place Value. I have attached a booklet for you to work through. Please look at each day's instructions so you know what is expected. If you need further help, please log onto MyMaths and work through the relevant lessons.

LO: Read, write, order and compare numbers to 10 000 000

 Monday 29th June

Please complete pages 3-5 which are all about Ordering Numbers


Tuesday 30th June 

Please complete pages 6-7 which are about Writing Numbers to 1 000 000 in Words


Wednesday 1st June

Arithmetic Paper 6


Thursday 2nd July

Please complete pages 8 , 9  and 10 which are about Place Value to 10 000 000


Friday 3rd July

Please complete the final pages Calculating Intervals across 0 and Rounding in Real Life Situations

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