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YEAR 6 WEEK 1 SUMMER TERM 1st- 5th June

Hello Owls.

We are going to be learning about Algebra for the next few weeks. This is something we have not covered and it will be useful to do before you start back at your secondary school.

We will start with Function Machines and Number Sequences.

Monday 1st June

LO: To use function machines to help us organise number operations and solve equations.

Please log into MyMaths to work through the lesson 'Y5 Function Machines' and then complete the activity as you would normally do.


**If you have not completed Monday's home learning, you will need to do that before you begin Tuesday's as the lessons are in sequence. Please make sure that you do all the lessons.**



Tuesday 2nd June

LO: To find the term to term rule to extend a sequence of numbers

Please go through the Lesson presentation first and then the activity sheet. There are 3 levels *, ** and *** If you usually work with Mrs Simmonds or myself, then I suggest you begin with *, if you have had maths intevention, start on **. Of course, everyone can do all if you choose!

There is also an extension activity too. 

(The answers are at the end of the sheets)

Each Wednesday you will be completing an Arithmetic test to keep your skills sharp before secondary school. The answers are at the back of the paper - no peeking!

Wednesday 3rd June

Welcome to Burton CofE Primary School