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Week 7 - Revision Week 2 13th - 17th July

Monday 13th July


Today I have given you a Year 4 and Year 5 set of revision questions on multiplication and division. Some questions the paper has not left you room to work out answers which is not clever. Remember to work out answers on paper at home as that is always sensible. Do not try and answer them mentally unless it tells you to.


An optional extra challege for you to try.

Tuesday 14th July


Today we are revising fractions. There are a set of Year 4 and Year 5 questions. It would be good I think to look at the Year 4 questions and see how far you have come and then move to Year 5 and again see how well you do. I am sure you will surprise yourself. I know lots of you really enjoy fractions. (Phoebe, I hope you are reading this as I know in particular fractions are your favourite.)

I also know how much progress lots of you are making at home with maths and I am really proud of you all. 


Thank you to all the hard-working parents who are having to be your teachers - or are you teaching them?

Wednesday 15th July


Today is arithmetic day. I know you enjoy your arithmetic tests. 

There is a Year 4 and a Year 5 test attached below. 

I have been really impressed with all the progress you have made with the arithmetic tests.  

Thursday 16th July


Are you hanging in there? Well done if so. We are still going at school. Not stopping just yet. 

I have continued the revision with pages on fractions, decimals, percentages, money and measures. It is worth starting with Year 4 if you have time. It is a few questions shorter than Year 5 and would be good revision.

Friday 17th July


Today we are going to use our online apps to enjoy maths. We will be using j2Blast TimesTables and J2 SAT Blaster to revise, TTRockstars to beat our best speeds so far and playing Escape on MyMaths which we love.


We are heading into our holidays. Please remember to keep dusting off these apps. I hope you have all come to realise how vital it is to learn your times tables as they impact on all areas of maths. Keep revising during the holidays just for a few minutes each time.


Use 'hit the button' and aim for a score of 25/30 in a minute. 



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