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Week 6 Titanic 6th -10th July

Monday 6th July


Today we are going to read the final chapter of our book and then the Epilogue that follows.

Your task today is to complete a book review on the book.

Really think about what you are writing in the boxes.

There is space on the review for a small picture of your favourite part of the story.

If you want to do a picture on a separate page or design your own review page, that is fine. 

Tuesday 7th July


Today we are going to look at newspaper reports published both here in the UK and across the pond in USA immediately after news began to leak about 'an incident' involving the Titanic on its maiden voyage. 

Take some time to look at all the reports. You will struggle to read some of the articles but you will see clearly the headlines, bylines and from these you will understand the reports.


What I found fascinating when I chose these was that most of them were totally factually wrong. 

It is important to remember that technology was incredibly limited in 1912 and 'chinese whispers' would have spread and been believed. 


Today you are going to be detectives and record some of what you discover from the reports.

  1. Look for facts both accurate and inaccurate .
  2. Look for where the reporter has given their opinions.
  3. Find who they interviewed.
  4. Record different headlines, bylines and captions.


Later this week we will plan our own  report remembering too that we would not really know very much either about what had happened to the ship. 

Optional recording sheet.

Wednesday 8th July


Today we are going to focus on SPAG. 


For Year 5 there is a PowerPoint on Active and Passive and a challenge sheet. 


Year 6, you can also revise this if you wish and listen to my voice (sorry). The activity sheet would be good revision. 


For everyone, SPAG.COM is set for you to do. I have picked direct speech as our focus.

Year 6 this has been set for you once before. I have noticed though that no-one scored 100% last time so have a go and see if you can out perform you last scores. (It is a Year 4 test!)


Good luck.


Thursday 9th July 


This week we have looked at lots of reports and we have discovered how inaccurate lots of newspapers were when they reported about the Titanic. This week we are going to spend time planning our own report of the sinking. 

You can choose if you are reporting in UK or USA. 

Use ideas gained from your detective lesson.  It does not need to be factually accurate as lots weren't. It would have been almost impossible to have known much.

It would be a sensible idea to plan to report from when passengers arrived in New York on the Carpathia allowing you an opportunity to interview survivors.



Look back at the reports on the website for ideas. Remember this is a plan only.


April 18, 1912
New York: In the footsteps of Titanic survivors. NEW YORK — As you may have heard, the Titanic never reached New York. But about 700 of its passengers and crew did get here on the night of April 18, 1912, three days after the sinking. In fact, their arrival drew a crowd of thousands to the waterfront.


Friday 10th July


How are you managing with your newspaper report planning? If you need to continue today, then that is the right thing to do. 

If you have planned, then you are ready to write next Monday.


Today we are focusing on our spellings. Last week I gave you a spelling challenge. There is a second challenge today. 

                   You can also practice your spellings using J2e spell blaster and 'spelling frame'.


It is vital you are practising the rules from Years 3 -6. 




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