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Week 6 - Revision Week 1 6th -10th July

For the next two weeks we are going to do some revision.

I am going to give you a mixture of revision mats that cover a variety of challenges, arithmetic papers and questions that will make you focus on one area of our maths. 

There will be activities at different levels that you can pick from. The answers will always be included.


Your task is to keep me updated with feedback on j2message.



Monday 6th July


Tuesday 7th July


Today we are going to revise Roman Numerals. I noticed yesterday that the children in school were confident with most of the place value but got caught out on a few of the Roman Numerals questions. How about you?

If you were confident, then just go quick through the PowerPoint and check you can answer the questions on the slides.



There are two Roman Numeral challenges. One involves you printing and cutting out 'jigsaw (tarsia)' pieces and rearranging them so they match. Put back together, you should make a triangle. Arrange them so the Roman Numeral is touching the matching number.


Extra or if you are confident on Roman Numerals choose the maths challenge sheets.

There are two maths challenge mats; challenge mat 2 is easier than challenge mat 3. Have a look and try some of the questions. 


Remember you can do these on Wednesday if you want to.


Roman Numerals

Wednesday 8th July


Today it is time to enjoy our arithmetic tests. I have as always included a Year 5 and a Year 4 test.

Remember that j2e blast includes arithmetic tests. Well done Euan last week who finished two j2e arithmetic tests as extra challenges.


Thursday 9th July


Today I have put some new revision sheets linked to addition and subtraction. There is also a mixed maths challenge page. 

Here is today's challenge sheet. There is a question on translating shapes that you have learnt, but incase you have forgotten there is a picture below to help.

Friday 10th July


Today I have set you an 'Ultimate Times Table Challenge'. Find somewhere quiet and set a timer. See how long it takes you to answer the questions. If it becomes too challenging, answer only 20 or 30. 

If you would prefer, take an online test. Remember we have j2e blast and TTRockstars.
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