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Week 6 6th-10th July

Monday 6th July


Today we would like you to make sure that you have looked at Friday's topic lesson on light. It is important that you complete that lesson and learn about how light travels.  If you have completed that, (or when you have completed) we would like you to join in with as many of the virtual sports day challenges as you can.


Thank you to our sports leaders and to Caitlin DS & Alex who have already sent their entries in.  

Which house will win our Virtual Sports Day?


Today our Year 5 and 6 children will be out on the field and playground doing their sports activities. Watch the gallery to see our entries and see which team by the end of the session is in the lead in our bubble. 

Tuesday 7th July


Who was Thomas Andrews ?

What role did he have in the Titanic?

Was he on the Titanic when it set off on the maiden voyage?

Why must he be considered in the 'blame game' of whose fault was it for the crash and subsequent loss of so many lives?

Watch the clip and make notes on what you discover about Thomas Andrews.

What conclusions are made and do you agree?

BBC News - Thomas Andrews

BBC News - Thomas Andrews

"I'm sorry that I didn't build you a stronger ship" | Titanic | Thomas Andrews

Wednesday 8th July


Last week we began to look at light and we focused on how light travels in straight lines. Today we are going to continue our work on light by looking at reflection and refraction of light. 


Firstly, take a look at the PowerPoint as this will help you understand about reflection and refraction brilliantly. It has clear diagrams to help.


Next, take a look at the BBC Bitesize clips to learn about reflection and refraction and then enjoy Steve Spangler. I am so happy I got Steve Spangler into our topic smiley smileylaughyes.


(If you didn't watch his clips in the Wild Waters topic on Kestrels page, you should go back and enjoy them.)




Make a poster that explains about light. It can include last week's learning but now needs to talk about reflection and refraction.  I have included two year 6 posters from two years ago when we taught light as a unit of work so that you can magpie ideas.



Invisible Glass - How to Make an Object Vanish

How To Make Something Invisible - Cool Science Experiment

Thursday 9th July and Friday 10th July

We have spent six weeks looking at the Titanic. We would like you to spend Thursday and Friday being a 'draughtsman'. 

What was a draughtsman?

A draughtsman was someone who made detailed plans of ships. 

Design a cruise liner challenge


You probably have seen photos, been lucky enough to see for real or actually been on board a modern cruise liner. There are a few anchored off our coast right now. Take a look at the gallery of photos of some of these magnificent ships taken by Oliver M and Ella recently. 


Your task for the rest of the week is to design your own cruise liner. Be as creative as you wish.

We would expect to see accommodation marked for different budgets and all the mod-cons that you want to include. 

I know that Thomas knows all about cruise liners and I am sure he will be offering the children in school lots of suggestions. 


Try and be a draughtsman.

You can use Minecraft to create a view of your ship or multiple views as I know lots of you can do that. 

Here are a few ideas Remember there are pictures in the galleries too.

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