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Week 5 Titanic 29th June - 3rd July

Monday 29th June 


Today we are going to start the week by reading chapter 8 of our book. There are only 10 chapters in the book so we are almost at the end. We left the story at a dramatic stage. What will happen next. Read and enjoy. There are questions to try and answer when you finish.

Tuesday 30th June


Today we are going to write our long anticipated recount of being a lucky passenger on board one of the 20 lifeboats from the Titanic. 


Take a look at the PowerPoint and resources to remind yourself of the key events told by Daisy. 

Have your planning sheet in front of you. If you have lost yours...or the dog has eaten it (Poppy's dog does that!) a copy is in last week's plans. 

Remember to watch the clips that are on the topic page for this week too.

Magpie ideas from everywhere - all good writers do that. 




Do you remember these from last week to help us with our writing?

Take a look at Lily-Angelina's work. How amazing she is. This will really help you. Thank you Lily-Angelina.

You can write your recount onto j2e5 or j2office and then share it with us at school or on paper if you prefer. 

Wednesday 1st July


Today we are going to enjoy chapter 9 of our book. At the end of the previous chapter, Daisy and her fellow passengers had spent a night freezing in the lifeboats and Daisy has been greeted by the most welcoming sight - The Carpathia ship.



Below is a spelling activity for both Years 5 and 6. Have a go and if you get any words incorrect, please learn these as they are part of the Year 5 and 6 word lists. There are also SPAG activities different depending whether you are in Years 5 or 6.

Thursday 2nd July


Today we are going to find out more about one British Titanic survivor. Her name was Eva Hart.  Eva was seven years old when she set out on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. She tells a really fascinating story of her trip. 


Your challenge is to become the reporter who is interviewing Eva Hart.

Imagine YOU are the one asking her the questions. (The interviews happened 75 years after the Titanic disaster.)

  1. Pick out your favourite questions asked by reporters that you think children in our school would want the answers to.

  2. Jot your questions on your reporter's pad and then her answers. 


There are lots of sources for you to dip into. Use all or some of these. 


Tomorrow we would like you to either write your interview with Eva Hart up as a mini report or become Eva Hart and write to the children at Burton Primary School introducing yourself and telling them about being a passenger on the ship.


Eva Hart speaks about her memories of the Titanic . . survivor interview

Interview from 1993. Eva Hart (born 1905. Died 1996)

Friday 3rd July


Today's lesson leads on from yesterday. We had a fascinating afternoon learning about Eva Hart and found out many interesting facts and some found it hard to narrow down the questions and answers they most liked.

It was especially fascinating to hear in her account of the night the Titanic sank.


Now you have all that information we would like you to choose one of three challenges. We have widened the ideas after talking to our key worker children as they had ideas about what they wanted to do today. 


1. Write a short report/biography of Eva Hart as we did for Captain Edward J. Smith. This could be completed on j2e.


2. Write a letter as Eva Hart to school children - could be our school telling them about the Titanic. There is letter style paper on j2e or you could use the paper we have used in previous lessons.


3. Create a pictorial story board of part of her time on the Titanic. It could be the time leading up to the sinking or of the night of the event or even later events that you want to draw.  Template below.



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