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Week 5 - Area and Perimeter 29th - 3rd July

Monday 29th June


Today we are going to revise perimeter of shapes. Work your way through the perimeter PowerPoint and then try an activity. There is also a online homework option on MyMaths today for you to try. 

There is a MyMaths homework challenge for you to do.

Tuesday 30th June 

Wednesday 1st July


No, it is not Friday, you are not going mad!  I forgot until Mrs Kilgore reminded me that we were swapping arithmetic to Wednesday this week. 

As always there are two tests: a Year 4  and Year 5 test. 


Remember KS2 SAT Blaster is on j2e. You can practice arithmetic and take a 30 minute test (different every time). Have paper and a pencil handy for workings out.

Thursday 2nd July

Today we are looking at area and learning about area of compound shapes.

Friday 3rd July


Gosh what a busy week it has been. I have got the dates correct today yessmiley

How have you found area and perimeter?

Did you mix either up when you were working on area yesterday? We had a few that had a muddle in class but they were quick to notice.  

Today I am giving you three different challenges to take your pick from. One is similar to work we have already completed this week, the second quite challenging one is our Busy Ant challenge and the third is called Torn Squares and it is the easiest of them all. 


The Busy Ant challenge looks wordy, but once you start to break it down it isn't as complicated as it first looks. It is all to do with finding the area of coloured squares. 

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