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Week 4 Titanic 22nd - 26th June

Monday 22nd June 


When we finished chapter 6 last week, Daisy, her family, Jimmy and Gus were trapped below deck; they heard the lifeboats being lowered which could only mean one thing...the unsinkable ship was in trouble. 

What will happen next?


Today, we would like you to read chapter 7 of our book and then answer the questions. 





I have saved these in the Kestrels and Owls shared folders on j2e for you too.

Tuesday 23rd June


We hope you enjoyed chapter 7. It is getting very dramatic now. Daisy, her family and Jimmy have managed to make it to a lifeboat but what will happen to Gus? He has remained on board. Will he make it onto the safety of a lifeboat on time?  We will have to wait a while to find out!


This week we are looking closely at the events of that night. We would like you to put yourself into the shoes of a passenger who has managed to secure a place on board one of the 20 lifeboats.


Using the information you know about that night from sources and Daisy in chapter 7, we would like you to plan a recount of the events that happened to you that night.


Today is a planning day. Take your time, be dramatic in your recount. This is a hugely dramatic event in history. 

Titanic video pod 6 - "Lifeboats 13 and 15"

Women And Children Only - Titanic

As the lifeboats are filled, not everyone is willing to leave the ship. --

The Lifeboats Are Launched - Titanic

This is a dramatic clip and very emotive. Remember though that this is a re-enactment from the film not the real event. It does however allow you to imagine the real emotions going through everyone on that night.

Wednesday 24th June


Today we are going to read a comprehension all about the Titanic and have a go at answering the questions. For those of you needing more time to plan your recount, use this lesson for that purpose. We enjoyed watching the clips yesterday in school and the children planned their recounts really well. I am going to share some with you on the gallery. 

Thursday 25th June


Today we SHOULD have been writing our recount but we are going to hold off that work for now. We are increasingly aware that today there are likely to be less children working as the weather is tempting them away from the tasks. If you are reading this and working, you are a super star. 


Please hold tight to your plans for today. Instead of the recount we have swapped and brought a SPAG test forward. If you log in to, you will find a 25 question paper waiting for you. 

Friday 26th June 

What a scorching hot day it was yesterday! It was lovely to catch up with Kestrels on Zoom and it was great to see the Year 6 children enjoying a sports day event yesterday. If you are in next week's Year 6 group, you have lots to look forward to.


Well done to the 23 out of 65 children who completed the yesterday. That means that a lot of you have a task still to do today. 


To allow those children to catch up with you super stars, we would like it today if you spent time making sure you can spell the Year 3-6 words. 

How to do this:

1. Use spell blaster on j2e

2. Look at the closure support spelling page where I put all the words for all the children to use.  

3. Try SpellingFrame which has some good activities to help you learn. Only the free activities are available to us. laugh

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