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Week 4 - The Brain and Nutrients in the body (11th May - 15th May)

This week we are starting with a look at how the human brain and the role it plays in supporting the parts of the body that we have studied: the heart; the blood cells; the lungs and circulatory system. 


Activity 1


The first activity this week is to watch BBC Live lesson which is all about the brain and co-hosted by Dr Chris and Xand. There are three activity sheets that go with the programme to use as you watch.

Activity 2


As you watch, make notes about what you find out to help you during the week.


Science for kids | Body Parts - THE HUMAN BRAIN | Experiments for kids | Operation Ouch

The Brain Song

I discovered another human body song. Enjoy.

Activity 3


This is the follow-up Live Lesson that links to activity 1. 

I have attached the activity sheets below that are needed to support the lesson.


Activity 4


Have a go at filling in the blanks to learn what each part of the brain controls and then create a poster or mind map all about the brain.

You might want to use this to help you when you create a poster or mind map of how the brain supports the human body. Remember to include how it supports the heart, lungs and circulatory system.

You might want to use these facts in your poster or mind map.

This might also be useful.

Activity 5 - OPTIONAL FUN

Make a brain or a brain hat.

Be aware: The brain hat is an optional activity as it involves printing out.

Can you use the frontal lobe of your brain spectacularly to make your own version of a brain out of a different media? 

We are excited to see what you put your minds to! 


Activity 6

We are moving on to learn about nutrients in our bodies. We will be continuing this learning into next week.

Now you have watched the clips above, have a go at sorting the nutrients with the important role they play in the human body.

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