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Week 4 Gallery 11th May - 15th May

Joe and Jack have worked on Holes this week

The Brain by Max and Jack

Only Elliott could have a make your own brain kit at home this week. I love it.

Learning about Florence Nightingale on International Nurses Day

Work on nutrients by Finn, Noah, Evalyn, Caitlin, Jake H, Lily-Angelina and Elliott.

This is not how I remember Ella.......

The Brain. Well done Sophie, Esme, Ruby and Joe. It looks like a crime scene!

Great work on the brain Ruby, Caitlin, Jake H, Euan and Elliott.

Ella has been using her maths when baking. It looks delicious!

Noah and Lola celebrated VE Day in style!

Still image for this video

Emma and Lily -Angelina took part in VE day celebrations too.

Super comprehension from Ella, Jack, Isobel and Euan- who else is enjoying Holes and who felt sorry for the donkey?

Caitlin, Jake H, Emma, Euan, Liam and Jack have great answers to the next comprehension questions.

There are some really different items being chosen for measuring. Well done.

Jermaine and Liam worked in school to do their maths. This is great to see you using j2e and taking photos.

Look at who Lily-Angelina measured!

Euan, Caitlin and Liam have worked hard making revision posters. How did you get on with yours?

Noah enjoyed the Live lesson and was amazed by the Operation Ouch episode.

The Live Lesson was enjoyed by lots of you. Well done for joining in.

It is amazing how much we found out from the Live Lessons. You should take a minute to read Euan's notes.

This is totally amazing. Take a look at Noah's creative take on the brain. He is bringing on a challenge Year 5 and 6! (I am also loving the relaxed look in the dressing gown. I think this is the way forward ...forget school uniforms!)

I love this mind map all about the brain Ruby L. Well done.

Take a look at Kissin Kate Barlow as the teacher and the outlaw.

You are super stars solving the SPAG challenge questions.

Jake H, Jack and Elliott have found out so much this week on the brain. Take a look.

Thank you for all the brilliant parenthesis work.

Look how hard Alfie E is working.

Brilliant work Elliott

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