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Week 4 Fractions 22nd - 26th June

Children I am saving the pdf sheets this week on j2e in the shared folder for Kestrels. If you click on them, they will load directly into j2e5! Yes children, it has only taken me this long to figure out that I can save them there too... :-)

Monday 22nd June


Today we are going to spend a day just building up our confidence and revising what you have already have been taught this year with proper, improper and mixed number fractions. It's your chance to show your parents too what I hope is familiar to you. 

Tuesday 23rd June


Today we are going to use what we revised yesterday to help us with addition and subtraction of fractions.

This is a challenge if you would like it.

Wednesday 24th June


Today we are going to move on in our fraction learning to start to learn about multiplying fractions. I know that some of you are still a little unsteady with the addition and subtraction of fractions but that is just one part of using fractions. We will come back to this before the holidays as I will plan some revision days. 

Thursday 25th June


Today is our problem solving day. I have provided you with one of our Busy Ant problems to think about and a fraction game that will remind you about fractions of numbers.

Friday 26th June


We have reached another Friday. Where are the weeks going?

It is our arithmetic day. I have loaded up a Year 4 and 5 test for you to do. You know which one is more suited to you OR you can enjoy both. 


Why not see if you can catch up the invincible Lily-Angelina on TTRockstars today too! 




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