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Week 4 English 11-15th May

This week we will be including chapters of Holes every day. There will not be reading comprehensions every day as there will be other activities for you to complete. There are 50 chapters in the book. We will enjoy chapters 26-36 this week and next week we will finish the book. Some chapters are very short. 

Monday 11th May


Read or listen to chapters 26-29 and try to answer the questions below.

Holes, Chapters 26 and 27

Holes, Chapter 28

Holes By Louis Sachar Ch. 29

Tuesday 12th May

Holes by Louis Sachar ch. 30 pt. 1

Holes By Louis Sachar Ch. 30 pt 2

We have just read about what happened to teacher Miss Katherine Barlow. From what you have read, answer the questions and complete the activity. Explain your thinking. You can use the pdf provided or use your own paper to draw (you will have more space if you do that).

Wednesday 13th May 

Holes by Louis Sachar ch. 31-32

Holes by Louis Sachar Ch. 33

Try this SPAG challenge based on a description of Camp Green Lake from ch23 110 years ago.

Thursday 14th May

Holes by Louis Sachar Ch. 34-35

Holes by Louis Sachar Ch. 36

Friday 15th May

Last Friday we started looking at using brackets, dashes and commas for parenthesis. We are continuing with this learning today. 


When writing, you can add parenthesis to the middle of a sentence to add extra information. It could be a word, phrase or a clause that you add.

Children, you will probably remember us talking about embedded clauses in sentences or embedded relative clauses if they begin with a relative pronoun such as who or which. If not, I think you will have your memory triggered in today's activity. 

Try these parenthesis challenges. There is a set for today.

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