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Week 4 22nd - 26th June

This week in school we are going to have a go at making icebergs and recording what happens. Will it work - who knows ?

You will need a balloon to fill with water and the instructions below.

There is also a science experiment pdf to use with your experiment. 


We are going to start to create our icebergs Monday and we hope by Thursday that the school freezers will have worked and we have icebergs!  We will put photos on the gallery. 


To add a bit of wonder, I sent Mr Kolbucaj out yesterday to buy food colouring! 

Monday 22nd June

Today we are going to spend time looking at the events of the night of April 14th 1912 on board the Titanic.


Take a look at the BBC Newsround link.

Look at and read carefully through the different time lines and sources. 


Use all the information provided to make your own timeline of events for that night.


If it takes you more than one day as you get really creative, then that is perfectly fine. 

Tuesday 23rd June

Today's lesson is to learn more about the lifeboats. There is a clip, a PowerPoint and facts for you to look at. 

Task - if you have finished your timeline only

Draw and label a lifeboat and around it write what has interested you most about the history of these wooden boats. 


In school today, we are continuing our timelines at the same time as we did not finish them.


RMS TITANIC: The Lifeboats (1912)

Wednesday 24th June 


Today we are going to continue to focus on the Lifeboats. We know from the clip that many of the lifeboats left with less than the full amount of passengers but how many from each class actually made it out?

Use the data cards to complete the table.

The table will help to really see clearer how unfair it was for the different classes. 


If you did not get time to enjoy the lovely art activity linked to the crew last Friday, please go back and do this today.(I do notice from looking at website percentages that the website is quieter on a Friday and yes I do look.) wink Take a look at the gallery from last week (week 3) to see the great art work already on there. 


Thursday 25th June and Friday 26th June



Over the next couple of days we would like you to consider the iceberg that the Titanic hit. Look at these recent reports.

The iceberg which the Titanic collided with was part of the fourth largest number of icebergs ever seen in the 20th century. Over the next couple of days, have a go at using different media to create an iceberg. You could do more than one in different media.

Take a look at these 3 fabulous icebergs to help you think about your creations. 


We are excited to see what you decide to do. Enjoy.

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