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Week 3 Titanic 15th - 19th June

Monday 15th June


Today we are reading chapter 5 purely for the enjoyment of reading. We hope you enjoy reading it - the drama is building quickly. 

This week we are spending our English lessons finding out as much as we can on Captain Edward Smith. At the end of the week, we will be writing our own short biography on him.

In this lesson, we are going to watch clips about him to make notes. It is always good to watch the clips through once and then repeat and pause as you go. 

The Myths Around Captain Smith and the Titanic

Captain Smith Facts & History - RMS Titanic Captain - Edward J Smith

Captain Smith Facts.

Captain, Edward J. Smith - Tribute

This is a clip re-enacting from the film Titanic. It shows us the Captain as the film makers want us to see him and the actions they believe he took. It may not be a true re-enactment.

Tuesday 16th June 



Today we are going to read chapter 6. Daisy has been discovered by Gus. What will happen next? Will they reach Jimmy and Daisy's family on time?

Yesterday we watched clips and made our notes on Captain Edward J. Smith. Today we are looking at what features we need to remember to include in our biography and how it is structured.

Complete the page to help you build up the vocabulary you will need to include in your biography.

Wednesday 17th June. 

Today, we are going to have our SPAG lesson. We are going to revise pronouns.

In school, we talked a lot on Tuesday about the pronouns we might want to use in our biographies and we discussed in particular why the word 'it' was a pronoun.

We verbalised sentences to support this such as: 'It began to sink.' It in this sentence being used to replace the proper noun 'The Titanic'. 


Take a look at the PowerPoint, BBC Bitesize which has a clip and short activities and enjoy the videos below. After that, try and see how many pronouns you can identify in just one page taken from our class book in the challenge attached!

Schoolhouse Rock - "Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla"

What are Pronouns?

Read through this page in our book. It is from chapter 5. How many times can you spot a pronoun being used? Circle or highlight them when you come across one. I think I counted 31, but I am happy for you to prove me wrong! :-)

Thursday 18th June


Today we are going to plan our biographies on Captain Edward J. Smith. We have spent a lot of time chatting about him in school. We found lots of the myths surrounding him really interesting.  We even got into the blame game - was it his fault for the ship sinking! 

Finding out his father died when he was 14 and that he died when his daughter was 14 was also a fact we discovered. I know you all found out lots too.


Today, spend some time organising your notes into chronological order.

Remember, when we plan, it does not need to be full sentences.

You should be incorporating that wonderful vocabulary you spent time considering; remember to include various pronouns so as not to repeatedly say Captain Edward Smith throughout your biography. 

Friday 19th June

Today we are writing our biographies on Captain Edward J. Smith up using our planning sheet.

You can choose to type your biography on j2office or use the pdf attached or write it on your own paper. However you do it is fine.

Remember it is really important to proof read your work and check spellings and punctuation.

It would be a good idea to look and see if you have included the features of a biography we have revised this week.

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