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Week 3 - The Lungs (4th May - 7th May

Activity 1


This week we are learning about our lungs and our diaphragm. Enjoy watching Operation Ouch to learn more.

Operation Ouch - Breathing | Amazing Body Facts for Kids

Hot Water Bottle Burst | Science for kids | Body Parts LUNGS | Experiments | Operation Ouch

Operation Ouch - The Diaphragm | Science for Kids

Activity 2 


Take a look at the pictures below. Try your hand at drawing and labelling your own diagram of the lungs. If you want you can use the pdf attached. 

Activity 3 


Have a go at making a 3d model of the lungs. I have put a few ideas together that I have found. Have fun and send us your creations. You could paint, salt dough, collage, explore the garden and use nature to help you. We are looking forward to seeing your creations. 

Here are some examples to help.

Activity 4  


True or false challenge


Take a look at these statements. Are they true or false? 

You will need to do some research to help you answer these questions. No peeking at the answers until you have made your decisions!


Human Body for Kids/Lung Song/Human Body Systems

Enjoy the song.

Activity 5


Watch the Operation Ouch clip on lung pollution.

Have a go at making a poster to tell everyone about the dangers of pollution on the lungs.

Your poster could inform everyone of how lucky you are to live in or around Burton and not in a big city. 

Science for Kids | Body Parts - Lung Pollution | Experiments for Kids | Operation Ouch

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