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Week 3 Angles 15th - 19th June

Monday 15th June 


Today we are going to focus on revising and comparing different angles. Some of these angle names will be known to you, but there will be one or two that will probably be new so try and learn all the names as it will help you this week. 

Tuesday 16th June 



Using a protractor to measure angles to the nearest degree

Wednesday 17th June 


Today we are going to focus on 'angles around a point adding up to 360°. Take a look at the PowerPoint and then at the Busy Ant Challenges. I set you a My Maths homework this week linked to yesterday's work incase you would like to do that instead of a challenge page or if you are finding the angles work becoming too hard. Well done Alfie P, Euan and Lily-Angelina who spotted this already!

Thursday 18th June 

You have two problems to chose to play with today - yes maths is fun. Choose a task.

Task 1 

Last week I gave you an Nrich problem to solve with multiplication. We had fun in school solving it so I found another one linked to angles. It is for 7-11 years and only 1 star out of 3 in difficulty so hopefully not over challenging. 


Remember we are looking for right angles in 12 hours not 24 hours.

Tip: start at midnight and end at midday.

These sheets might come in handy.

This clock has minutes to help identify exact times.

Try not to peak. It doesn't matter if your final number doesn't match the one on the sheet. If it did, then you did really well.

Task 2


I have also chosen a Busy Ant problem if you would prefer to solve that problem linked to the same angles we have been working on in lessons.

Here is a pdf copy for you to have.

Friday 19th June


Time to change the challenge for your aching brains! (and your parents who might be ready to stop being the teacher for the week!)

It is arithmetic time again. 

I know how much you enjoy this time. heartsmileyyes

Again, as always, there is a Year 4 and Year 5 test to do. 


This week, also go on TTRockstars today and/or in this session. 


At school, we spend around 30 minutes each morning on TTRockstars and J2Blast as a warm-up to our maths learning.                            

                                                            Why not also do the same at home?

You will find us online around 8:45-9:30am Monday-Friday.

We will look out for you on J2Blast and the TTRockstars battle arenas.


Welcome to Burton CofE Primary School