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Week 3 15th - 19th June

Monday 15th June


Today we are learning:

To learn to identify the position and significance of latitude, longitude, Equator, the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, the Arctic and Antarctic Circles.

Use the PowerPoint of PDF to find out what are lines of latitude and longitude, which are important to know and how we use them today.

Latitude and Longitude

Latitude and Longitude is Useful One Direction Remix HD


These are the co-ordinates for the final resting place of the Titanic. 41.726931, -49.948253 Use Google maps and/or Google Earth to explore what other statues, monuments and museums there are around the world linked to the Titanic. Can you find any co-ordiantes for these ? Record what you discover.

Tuesday 16th June


Yesterday we looked at longitude and latitude and in school we used Google maps and Google Earth to find the exact location the Titanic sank. Today we are going to look at the journey the ship took.

There is a crossword activity for those who would like it linked to Monday's work too. 

Titanic departure (real video 1912)

Real footage of RMS Titanic leaving for the first voyage. 1912.

Mapping Titanic's Journey

There are two challenges today. One is quick and simple and one takes more brain work and a bit of research.


Task 1

Fill in the blanks on the route map the Titanic took. Use the two pictures below to help you. 


Task 2 

Complete the table with the answers needed to chart the route the ship took. You will need to research the seas it passed through and the places it stopped at on its journey.  There is also a blank map for you to draw on the route and label.

Use these to help with today's challenges.

Wednesday 17th June



You can chooe any media to create your flag and it does not have to be on this template. Be adventurous. You can paint, collage or use materials. We look forward to seeing your flags.

Thursday 18th June 

 Last week, when we were looking at menus and the food eaten on board the Titanic, I remember the chef saying eating was one of the greatest entertainments available on board. With 11 courses to get through they certainly must have had to be having fun to remain at the table! 

I bet you all get fidgety with your families at dinner time. Imagine having to sit through a meal of 11 courses as a child! 


Today, we are going to find out what else was available as entertainment on board the ship when they weren't eating. Certainly sports and music were popular in all classes; however how did this differ in each class?


Take a look at the different sources below and record either using my pdf or you own format what you discover. 


Friday 19th June


On the timetable at the top of the page I put timeline and reading comprehension and then I switched the lesson yesterday to entertainment on board the ship. I am going to hold onto the timeline lesson and reading comprehension until next week as we have given you lots to do with your biographies.


Today, instead we are going to look a bit closer at the crew of the Titanic. We have already in week 2 spent time looking at the passengers in each class but what about the crew? 


There were many different jobs on board the ship. We know from our class reader about some of the crew as we have been introduced to stewards, maids and the staff working the engines already. 



Task: Take a look at the different roles some of the crew held on board. Just like we did with the passengers, choose one or two to draw. Remember to label your crew member.

The Band That Played On by Steve Turner

When TITANIC collided with an iceberg at 23:40 on April 14th, the eight members of the band had already retired for the evening. Still, they put on overcoats...

Titanic's band played to the end

Take a look at the two PowerPoints/pdf files to learn more about the crew and how they dressed.

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