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Week 2 Titanic 8th June - 12th June

Monday 8th June 

Today we would like you to read chapter 3. As you read, look at the questions that you need to answer. Fill in the answers. This week we will be writing a diary entry. The answers you find will help you when you come to write your diary entry.

Tuesday 9th June 

In today's lesson we would like you to read chapter 4. As you read,  find evidence that explains to the reader what Daisy experienced on her visit to the first-class section of the ship and what Jimmy thought of her steerage cabins.


We have already identified the grand staircase and found evidence that tells the reader what Daisy thought of it. 

Look for evidence about:

The first-class ladies

The gymnasium

The lounge

The stateroom

The elevator

Jimmy's opinion of their accommodation


You can draw pictures as well as write your evidence.


Wednesday 10th June


Today we are continuing our focus on figurative language. Last week we looked at personification and this week will be looking at using similes, metaphors and hyperbole in our work. 

What is Hyperbole?

In our reading book, I have picked out three similes used to add emphasis and impact to the story.


Breathing in the sea air was like a cold drink on a hot day.


I gave Edwin a nudge, because he was staring with his mouth as wide as a tunnel.


My little brother took one look at the Titanic and his face crumpled like a sheet of paper.


Each sentence creates images in our minds and helps us to connect with the text even more.




Thursday 11th June and Friday 12th June


This week we have been reading about Daisy and her trip to the First-Class section of the Titanic after meeting Jimmy. We have been introduced to Paddy, the steward and to Gus, Jimmy's older brother. We have considered in our activities what Daisy saw, her feelings and thoughts so far. 


Today (and into Friday), we are going to use all this knowledge to plan out and write a diary entry for Daisy. We are going to imagine that Daisy kept a diary whilst travelling on board. The First-Class passengers could pay to have telegrams sent to family members to tell them about the trip, but this was too expensive for a third-class passenger to consider doing. 

We have planned diaries before during the year, and we looked at a diary entry when we read Holes. 


Can you remember what grammar and structure features you would need to include?

Look at the poster below.

Remember, when we plan, we are writing notes not full sentences.

It is planning - rough jottings and ideas - not best writing. 


Have a go at planning a diary entry as if you are Daisy and you have just returned from visiting the First-Class section of the ship. Remember it will mostly be in past tense. Your final section may change tense as she thinks about the future events.

Look back at the answers you put for the two chapters we read this week and look back through the chapters and magpie words and phrases to help in your planning. 


I have put two different looking planning sheets on the website. You can choose which you feel suits you best.

Friday 12th June


Yesterday we asked you to plan your diary. Today we are going to write our diary entries. Your diary entry does not need to be very long especially as we are only writing about one event.  

Look again at the poster to help you remember what we would include in a diary.  I have included different Titanic bordered pieces of paper for you if you would like to use them; however you can write on j2office or on your own paper. 

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