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Week 2 - The Heart (27th April - 1st May)

This week we are going to be learning about the human heart. Take your time over the week to complete the activities that have been planned. 

Activity 1

Operation Ouch - Pumping Hearts | Cardiovasuclar System

Enjoy watching Operation Ouch. Make notes on what you learn about the heart.

Use this diagram this week to help you with our studying about the heart.

Activity 2 - Use the paragraph to fill in the gaps in the sentences below.

Human Body for Kids/Heart Song/Human Body Systems

Enjoy learning this song all about the human heart.

Activity 3

Take a look at the two website links below. There are two short clips and an activity to try.

Read through the power point also attached before having a go at labelling your own heart diagram. You do not have to use the one attached. Why not be creative and draw/paint your own heart and label. 

Activity 4


Have a go at cutting out and joining together the heart. 

Activity 5

How does our circulatory system keeps us alive? | BBC Teach


Read through the comprehension and try to answer the questions about the circulatory system.

Activity 6

We have been finding out amazing facts about our hearts. Can you find out amazing facts about other animals hearts?


Did you know that almost all kinds of animals have a heart-like pumping organ for body fluids.

Usually there is just one, but the earthworm possesses five in a row along its main blood vessels.


Find out more crazy facts to beat my one. Present them in any way you like.

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