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Week 2 Multiplication 8th -12th June

Each day I would like you to start warming up to our multiplication lessons by going on TTRockstars, Hit The Button or 

Monday 8th June 


Today we are going to revise short multiplication as well as look at how to use the formal method of long multiplication. 


Use the PowerPoint or pdf PowerPoint to follow the lesson for today. You will need a pencil and paper.

Tuesday 9th June

Today we are going to continue to work on formal long multiplication. We are also going to revise short multiplication too.

Wednesday 10th June 

Today we are continuing with both short and long multiplication.

Use either the powerpoint or pdf to follow the lesson.

Thursday 11th June 


Today we are problem solving with multiplication and I have added two websites with good maths games involving multiplication for you to play. 


You big challenge today is called 'All the digits'. 




Can you follow the rules and put the digits 0-9 into this multiplication calculation? You can only use the digits once and there are other rules to follow.

No peeking at the solution until you have really had a go. I am sure you will crack the problem without it.

Friday 12th June


How did you get on with the problem solving? We had fun yesterday and both Year 5 and Year 6 children gave it a go. Well done Natasha for being the first to solve it followed very closely by Archie, Emma and Evalyn.


Today we are having our arithmetic lesson.

I am going to keep my fingers crossed the answers are correct. I believe I have checked them all (fingers crossed).



If you are in Mrs McCarthy's group or want to just build confidence, here is a Year 4 arithmetic test paper to do.
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