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Week 2 English 27th April -1st May

Monday 27th April


Read or listen along to chapters 7-10 of Holes our guided reading text for this half-term. Chapter 7 is quite long but chapter 8-10 are much shorter.

Holes, Chapter 7

Holes, chapters 8, 9, and 10

Try answering the questions about the chapters you have just listened to. Answers are included.

Use the link below to turn the pdf questions into a writable document. Follow the instructions (apologies - my voice) to learn how.

Tuesday 28th April


In chapter 8 we learn all about the 'Yellow-spotted lizard'. Use the description attached on the pdf below to create your drawing of a yellow-spotted lizard. Be as creative as you wish. The activity sheet is just for guidance. You could use paint, plasticine, salt dough, pencil it is up to you. Remember to share your creations.

Wednesday 29th April


This week we are going to have a look at a diary entry of Stanley Yelnat's.  It wasn't actually written by him but I used my imagination to become him. 

Task: We have looked at diaries before and written diary entries. Can you identify any of the following features in the diary?

I chose these colours when I was searching through the diary to see if I remembered to include them. You can use any colours you want to be a detective. Look at my highlighted diary for help. You might find other parts that I haven't highlighted and that is okay too.




Thursday 30th March


Read or listen along to chapters 11-16 of Holes our guided reading text for this half-term. 

Chapters 11-16 to read

Holes, Chapters 11 and 12

Holes Chapter 13 and 14

Holes, Chapters 15 and 16

Have a go at answering the questions about the chapters you have just listened to/read. Answers are included.

Friday 1st May (pinch punch first of the month..)


I can't believe we are in May!  Time flies by quickly at the moment.

This week I wrote a diary pretending to be Stanley. When I wrote the diary, I wrote quite informally. 

We have talked a lot about levels of formality this year. Can you remember what the difference is?

Take a look at the power point attached then try this activity below:


Your task is to have a conversation with a family member. Try to have a conversation in a very formal manner about something silly - perhaps about breakfast cereal or favourite TV programme. 

Repeat the conversation in an informal manner. Think about the words you are using. How are you altering your speech?


Let me know what you chatted about and which was easier to do. Enjoy and have fun. 


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