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Week 2 8th - 12th June

This week we are looking at the different class systems on board the Titanic. We will discover how it was for each class of people on board the ship. 

Monday 8th June 


In today's lesson you will be looking at the fixtures, fittings and facilities of life in the different classes.


Dip into the different sources to research what life was like on board for different passengers in the classes. 

Record the differences you find in the table. You can draw and or write what you find out. 


If you want to really challenge yourself why not try the optional compare and contrast challenge.


Tuesday 9th June





Can you label the cross section of the ship?

Below is the document to use. Challenge: Add more labels using the other sources if you are able to.

Wednesday 10th June 


Today we are going to make a direct comparison between two passengers who travelled on the Titanic and survived.  Take a look at the two photographs below. 

The first is of Mrs. Charlotte Drake Martinez Cardeza (First class) and the second is of  Mr Ling Hee who travelled in Steerage (Third class).

After the disaster both passengers made claims for their losses. Take a look at the staggering differences.


Mrs Charlotte Cardeza  $177, 352.75

Mr Ling Hee $91.05


The following documents show just A FEW of the 15 pages of claims made by Mrs Cardeza and the single page claims made by Mr Ling Hee. 



Challenge: Can you pack a suitcase to match some of the belongings of each of the two passengers? You can draw or write what would go in each one.

Thursday 11th June

The way people dressed on board the Titanic was very different depending on your status and class. In the book

Daisy mentions in Chapter 1 about 'ladies wearing big feathery hats and dainty boots' and again in chapter 4 - the ladies on the grand staircase gliding up and down with jewels in their hair.


Have a go at dressing a blank body image of a first-class and third-class set of passengers.

Friday 12th June


We had a lovely afternoon yesterday looking at passengers from the different classes and drawing our people. I am putting our work on the gallery. 

Today we are looking at the meals served on the Titanic. There are two YouTube clips below that show you the meals and a fascinating clip on the dining room as it is seen now in the wreckage. The first two clips contain the same chef but tell you different information. One in particular has the meal names on the screen which you might want to magpie.


We would like you to design a menu of your own that could be served on the Titanic. You can choose which class that you would like to make a menu for. You do not need to make one for each as that would take too long!

I am putting blank templates for you to use if you would like them. 

Don't get hungry while making your food choices on your delicious menus.



Titanic's First Class Dinner- First Class Dining on RMS Titanic

Titanic Menu featured on BBC's The One Show

Inside the TITANIC - 1st Class Dining Room

The Egocentric James Cameron uses remote cameras to go into the 1st class dining room of the Titanic.

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