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Week 1 Titanic 1st June -5th June

Monday 1st June 

Today we are starting our new book 'I was there - Titanic'.

Enjoy chapter 1 and as you read, try and answer the questions below to help you complete the attached pdf activity.

Tuesday 2nd June 

In 1900's there were many steam ships taking passengers and the White Star Line had many advertising posters to persuade people to take a trip. They didn't need to do too much to persuade people to take a trip on the Titanic though.


When the Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York, on April 10, 1912, she was considered the ultimate passenger liner - unparalleled in luxury, size and technology.


People wanted to go on the Titanic to celebrate holidays and especially because this ship was known to be the "unsinkable" ship and just the thought of going on a ship that famous would make a lot of people want to go on this ship very badly.


Take a look at the PowerPoint and pictures to learn what is needed to make a good advertising poster.



Take a look at this poster from 1912 advertising the Titanic.

Task 1 

Have a go at labelling this poster from 1912. This was to advertise the Titanic leaving New York. - It never arrived at its destination though.

Task 2


Take a look at the posters from 1912 and the above image. Your task is to create your own advertising poster for the sailing of the Titanic. Look at the dates it sailed. It could be a poster for the Titanic leaving from Ireland or New York. 


 You need to include:

  • Short snappy sentences;
  • Catchy slogan;
  • Attention grabbing picture;
  • An eye catching layout;
  • Something to offer;
  • A final reminder.

Take a look at this to help you with your poster.

Wednesday 3rd June 

Enjoy reading chapter 2 of our book.

In chapter 2, the author uses figurative language for emphasis and impact. Look how the Daisy describes the boilers on the Titanic.

This week and next week our SPAG will focus on figurative language. Today we will look at personification. Follow the PowerPoint through and remind yourself about how, when and why we use personification.  Try an activity sheet to better develop your understanding. 

Thursday 4th June 


Today read through the comprehension and answer the questions.

Friday 5th June


Our Spag work this week is linked to the building of the Titanic. Remind yourself of these different punctuation forms then use them to help you correct the punctuation in the sentences. 

Year 6 Here is a SPAG test for an extra activity

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