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Week 1 Rounding 1st June -5th June

This week we are going to focus on rounding. It will be an excellent way of building on all the learning we have already completed as it all linked to remembering and using our place value knowledge. You will need to know what each digit is worth as you change numbers to help you round them.

Monday 1st June 

Today we are focusing on a bit of revision on rounding numbers. Way back in the Autumn term, when you started Year 5, we rounded numbers. We will see today how much you remember to allow us to build on those foundations. The song might just help.

Rounding Numbers Song | Nearest 10 & 100 Rap

This is the same as the powerpoint incase you cannot open powerpoint. (You won't be able to listen to my voice with this though :-) )

Tuesday 2nd June 

Today we are continuing with the rounding work. We will be rounding to the nearest 1000, 10,000 and 100,000. I have also put Maths Antics on for you to enjoy. 

Math Antics - Rounding

Wednesday 3rd June 


Today we are moving on to looking at rounding decimal numbers. 

If you cannot open the PowerPoint, this is a pdf version.

Pick a challenge that you like.

Thursday 4th June 

Today we will look at rounding to 2 and 3 dp. If you are finding it hard, choose an activity that suits your level. Give it a go. 

Here is today's lesson in two formats. (At school, our children have their own laptop and the only format that opens is the pdf...means they can't listen to my voice :-). They have the real me instead though!

Friday 5th June


I put on the plan at the start of the week that we would do daily arithmetic but I didn't actually put any for you. Today I am putting a full Year 5 arithmetic test for you to do. It should take 30 minutes if you want to time yourselves. 

I have also added a Year 4 arithmetic test for anyone who wants to do this for revision. If you normally do maths with Mrs McCarthy, you might want to do this test or dip into both. 


I know that Kestrels really enjoy arithmetic so I hope this is right up your street! 

Please don't print this though as it is 12 pages long! Do it on paper instead.


Have a great weekend Kestrels. 

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