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Week 1 English

Monday 20th April


Read or listen along to the first three chapters of Holes our guided reading text for this half-term. Have a go at answering the reading comprehension questions provided. The answers are also included so you can see how you got on. 

Holes Ch1

Holes Ch 2

Holes Ch 3

Try answering the questions.You do not need to print these out as you could write your answers on paper or onto office J2e.

Tuesday 21st April

We are going to revise adjectives today.  


Adjectives are describing words - they tell you more about nouns.  Using adjectives makes your sentences more interesting.

For example: The pretty girls laughed. 

In this sentence: 
‘girls’ is the noun (it says who’s laughing). 
‘pretty’ is the adjective (it says more about the noun). 


Take a look at BBC Teach just to remind you about adjectives.

In Holes, Stanley gets sent to Camp Green Lake. He has never been to camp before. Identify the adjectives from chapters 1-3 that Stanley used to describe Camp Green Lake and then draw/paint a picture to match. If you want to, you can also draw what he thought it would look like. You could use the pdf below if you want or JiT/J2e or your own paper.

Have fun. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Wednesday 22nd April


Today we are going to focus on the different types of nouns that we have in the English Grammar. 

Look at the power point below to learn the different types of nouns we have.

Can you work out which word belongs in which noun type? Choose the level you want to try. Do not do all three star sheets.

Challenge - Can you find the nouns and adjectives in these sentences taken from Holes.

Thursday 23rd April


Read or listen to the next 3 chapters of Holes. 

Book Recorded by Dawn Wiedeman with PDF on screen

Holes Ch 5

Holes Ch 6

Friday 24th April 


We have been finding out about types of nouns this week. Over the next few days, as you read 'Holes' (or your own books), see how many different types of nouns you come across. You may not find many collective nouns. Can you find any unusual collective nouns. 

My children played an online game with their cousins last weekend. One of the questions was: What is the collective name for a group of owls? 

Challenge - What is the collective name for a  group of owls?

How about a group of kestrels? (there is more than one).


I have also set for today.

You do not need to print this out.

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