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Week 1 - Blood

Activity 1


Blood – How is blood made up?

 If we had been in school this week, we would have been making 'blood'. This activity is optional, messy (but fun) and would depend on whether your parents have the bits needed.  

I have included this episode of Operation Ouch. You only need to watch the first 5 minutes but you can watch the whole episode for fun if you want to.

Science for kids | Blood | Cardiovascular System | Body Parts| Experiments for kids | Operation Ouch

Activity 2 


In this activity you will learn all about the different components of blood and their functions. Take a look at this great NHS powerpoint on blood. The wonderful NHS have created activities to support learning on blood.

Task: design your own poster/drawing to show the different components of blood. You could use the sheet attached.

How about trying to make a collage. Here is a suggestion.

Here are a couple of good clips that you might enjoy.

Components of Blood and their function

Blood, Part 1 - True Blood:

Activity 3: Read 'All About Blood Donation' and answer the questions.

Activity 4

What are blood vessels?

Watch the videos and find out all about blood vessels. 


Try and find out about veins, arteries and capillaries and  their functions.

Make a labelled diagram or flow chart to explain the job each of these three do in our bodies.


Operation Ouch - Blood Vessels | Science for Kids

Science for Kids - Learn About Valves | Arteries and Veins | Operation Ouch

Activity 5

Can you correctly match the components to their jobs?

Here is a copy of the same picture for you to have if you would like it.

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