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Week 1 1st-5th June

Monday 1st June 

Today's first lesson on the Titanic to get us started is to visit the SeaCity Museum in Southampton ...virtually. 

They have produced a virtual guide to the museum with the help of the brilliant tour guide Andy. This is the second best thing we have instead of going on the actual visit that we sadly cannot now do. 

As you watch the videos make notes about what you find out as the notes will help you during the topic. Keep them somewhere safe. 


SeaCity Southampton's Titanic Story Tour

Join our learning officer Andy on an exclusive tour of SeaCity Museum's Titanic exhibition.

Titanic departure (real video 1912)

Real footage of RMS Titanic leaving for the first voyage. 1912.

The Most Unseen & Rare Photos of the Real Titanic | Slideshow | The Real Jack Dawson?

This is a collection of some of the most rare photographs of the Titanic, it's maiden voy...

Tuesday 2nd June

We hope you found out a lot from watching the clips yesterday. We thought Andy was great. 

Today's challenge is to label the exterior (outside) of the Titanic. 

Wednesday 3rd June 

Today we would like you to either finish the blank exterior pdf image below of the Titanic or create one of your own. You can choose the media. You can use the image below to help you. Why not perhaps  try to make it using Minecraft? (If that's a possibility...we are getting very old so don't really know!)

Thursday 4th June and Friday 5th June

We have seen some amazing art work this week so thank you for the efforts. Over the next two days we are going to look at how and where the Titanic was constructed. In English today, you completed a comprehension on 'building the Titanic' so this will help and add to the research today. 


In today's topic lesson we would like you to look at the BBC Bitesize and watch the YouTube clips and make notes on what you find out.  There is a lot to watch and make notes on.


Sort your notes out into a creative mind map. 

You can use the pdf sheet or make your own.


These next two clips are silent footage with music. They are fascinating to watch as you can appreciate the size of the ship. Make notes about what you see. 

Building the Titanic part 1

Building the Titanic part 2

Part 1 100th Anniversary RMS TITANIC The Construction 1907-1912

Titanic, Made In Belfast.

Titanic museum opens where ship built

This next clip is someone's holiday video that I found. I picked it because he has recorded really well inside the museum. It is similar to having the virtual tour of the Southampton museum but it looks bigger and louder!

Titanic Museum Belfast Northern Ireland

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