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Topic for week 13th July 2020


I’ve made the list especially long for ideas you may like over the holiday.


  • Escape from the ice challenge – place a small toy in a balloon or food bag, fill with water and freeze.  Challenge is to free the toy as quickly as possible.
  • Wool winding – Find a large lolly stick or thick piece of card. Add double sided tape to each side.  Use different colour pieces of wool to make a pattern.
  • Build a bridge strong enough for a toy to stand on and wide enough to cross a pretend river. 
  • Make a kite out of craft materials.  Add a string so it can be pulled along as you run.
  • Winter/Summer clothes cut and stick challenge (PDF)
  • Complete a summer colouring sheet or two (PDF)
  • Paint shells or stones with patterns.
  • Make pretend ice lollies or ice creams using craft materials. Sell them as a roleplay game to your family and friends.

Topic for week 6th July 2020


  • Complete a fox craft or two.
  • Paint a Fox using different shades of orange and brown – encourage the children to colour mix.  (Red and yellow make orange, Red, yellow and blue make brown)
  • Colour a fox picture.
  • Take part in virtual sports day challenges.
  • Complete the 'All about me' sheet and Jigsaw puzzle for year 1 teachers.
  • Watch the powerpoint linked to habitats of woodland creatures (I'm currently having trouble uploading it as it is too big - I'll keep on trying Woodland Animal Habitats)
  • Take a walk in the forest and look for habitats or signs of woodland creatures.
  • Continue capacity work in the paddling pool! 

Topic for week 29th June 2020


  • Draw your own farm scene or farm animals. 
  • Paint a story map of Rosie’s adventures.
  • Complete a Twinkl colouring sheet or two. (Rosie’s walk colouring PDF)
  • Complete a chicken craft. (pictures below)


Additional learning – Weighing

  • Use a variety of resources at home and discuss their weight.  Are they big and light, small and heavy, small and light, big and heavy?
  • Ask the children to photograph items in your home that are really heavy and others that are really light. Where they correct? 
  • If possible weigh some items on scales.  Ask the children to think what the numbers mean? Or if you have balancing scales, why it goes up and down.
  • Use the scales to order objects by weight.
  • Complete a Twinkl challenge Lightest to Heaviest PDF, Save the Superhero PDF, Bag Challenge PDF


Topic for Week 15th and 22nd June

  • Share Tea and Toast as a family – encourage children to lay the table, spread the topping on toast and wash up!
  • Design a Teapot (PDF – Teapot)
  • Make a Tiger, Sophie, Mummy or Daddy mask (PDF – Masks)
  • Make puppets to retell the story. (PDF – Puppets)
  • Colouring a tiger picture (PDF – Tiger colouring)
  • Complete one or two craft ideas - Pictures below

Topic challenges for week 1st and 8th June


  • Paint a picture of the bear from ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’
  • Make a bear mask or hat.  Remember to colour it first, then cut it out. Try not to chop his ears off, it will be tricky!
  • Complete a bear craft challenge or two!
  • Make a bear and family puppet to travel on your map or adventure around your garden.

Week 11th and 18th May – Learning about the Farm


For the next two weeks we will be exploring farming and farm animals. 


Sadly we are not able to visit the farm this year; however, we are very lucky to live in a rural area so farm animals are around us as we travel.   Last week one of the Ducks found a sheep in a field whilst out on a walk! Have you seen any farm animals whilst out exercising?  I know there are pigs, cows, horses and chickens in the village and if you listen carefully there is a rooster calling out at points!


Below is a list of simple challenges linked to the farm.  Have fun and don’t forget to share on Tapestry what you have found, completed or investigated.


  • Paint a farm animal or a farm picture.
  • Draw a farm scene or colour a farm pictures (link below)
  • Cut and stick baby animals to their parent (link below – baby animals)
  • Use the puppets from your starting school story sack to tell a story.
  • Sing as many farm songs as you can; there are lots!
  • Play farmers in his den with your toys or family.
  • Make a farm out of toys – build barns, tractors, pens etc.
  • Write some simple sentences to match a photo (link below – scene photos)
  • Share the two powerpoints from Twinkl (links below – Animals on the farm and Where does food come from)
  • Watch Down on the Farm – Cbeebies Iplayer
  • Watch Big Barn Farm - YouTube (Please be cautious of online safety on YouTube)
  • Listen to Mrs Vaughan read Grandad’s Farm (link below)


Week 3rd May to 8th May  - VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations


This week we have created a learning pack linked to VE Day Anniversary Celebrations.  Within the pack there are: flag and bunting templates, colouring sheets, a design a medal activity, a pin wheel craft and a hat making challenge. 


We have also included a Stay at home street party poster.  The plan is for homes to be decorated in red, white and blue and for streets to come together to celebrate from their front gardens.  


Please upload any VE day anniversary learning  or celebrating to Tapestry, we would love to see it. 

Gardening home learning - 20th April to 1st May


Our topic for the first few weeks is linked to gardening.  On here will be a list of challenges for the children to complete while they are at home.  Please share any you manage on your child's tapestry account.  


  • Plant a seed and nurture it - can you keep a diary (through writing, drawing or photographs) to show us how it changes and grows? 
  • Paint a picture of a flower or garden scene
  • Draw a flower or garden on an iPad/tablet/computer
  • Tree rubbing
  • Nature collage - what can you find in the garden to stick on a picture?
  • Petal perfume (A pot, some water and a few petals, stir)
  • Label parts of a flower, trying to learn the names of each part
  • Garden photography


Happy Growing!

Welcome to Burton CofE Primary School