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River Wildlife


Our next stage of the topic is to discover more about the wildlife living in and around the river. We already caught some examples of what lives in the local Minstead river. Do you remember what you caught? 



Create a mind map of the wildlife found in and around the rivers.

Why does each creature choose the river as its habitat?


Tuesday 24th March

Choose your favourite wildlife that you found to draw or paint.

This week I had organised a visit from Wessex Water. They were coming to explain all about the Water Cycle. As this hasn't happened, I would like you to watch the clips and learn more about the Water Cycle. 

The Water Cycle

Bill Nye the Science Guy®: Water Cycle - Video

The Great Aqua Adventure: Crash Course Kids #24.1

Wednesday- Friday Can you label the Water Cycle?

Have a go at making your own version of the picture. You could use JiT or draw your own picture. 
Monday 30th March - 3rd April

This week we are going to look at science and states of matter. 


What are the states of matter?

States of Matter | Educational Videos for Kids

Can you make your own version using JiT or j2e5? Can you animate it?

Steve Spangler is one of my favourite wacky scientists. Enjoy what he does with States of Matter. 

Liquid Nitrogen Science - Cool Science Experiment

Steve Spangler calls it Sub-Zero Science... the coolest way to explore the states of matter without accidentally freezing off Kim's fingers.

This crazy scientist does some amazing experiments with states of matter. My children enjoyed watching this with me.

Science Max Solids, Liquids and Gasses Full Episode

I am adding more of my favourite scientist who experiments with solids, liquids and gases. Enjoy.

Fire Bubbles - Methane Madness

Steve Spangler on The Ellen Show September 2007

I have included some fun activities for you to have a go at. 

Challenge can you take what you learn from these and create an informative poster/picture to help you remember?

Do you know what the term dissolving means?

How about the scientific terms - soluble and insoluble?


Look at the power point saved and watch the clips. Have a go at your own testing. Make sure you ask permission and get help with any testing you do. Have fun.

Have a go at testing a few items to see if they are soluble or insoluble and record your results in a table. You do not need to use the same or as many items as they did. 


Vanishing Styrofoam Head - Cool Science Experiment

The next clip is one of my favourites and it's linked to dissolving too. I don't know how many children I have taught and made them watch it. It still makes me smile! Enjoy.

It's Raining Film Canisters!

Reversible and Irreversible changes


Which of these do you think are reversible and which are not?

Color Changing Milk - Cool Science Experiment

Steve Spangler's Biggest Experiment Yet!

Steve Spangler Makes It Rain(bow)!

Steve Spangler's Explosive Pringles

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