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Titanic - Week 3 15th June - 19th June

Oliver and his family are keeping a scrapbook over lockdown. We think this is a fabulous idea.

Look at this amazing model that Berri made with her Dad!

Caitlin found out loads about Captain Smith.

Year 6 maths challenges

Absolutely amazing identification of acute, obtuse, right and reflex angles work from Year 5 this week!

How confident Year 5 are of ordering angles.

Year 5 are great at finding complementary and supplementary angles.

Great problem solving right angles on a clock in a 12 hour period.

Great maths Josh.

Ruby G worked really hard this week. Well done Ruby.

This week we found out about Captain Edward J. Smith. Euan, Ruby L and Alex made comprehensive notes as they researched him.

Planning a biography about Captain Smith

In school, the children spent Thursday morning planning their biographies on Captain Edward J. Smith.

Josh has worked really on his biography of Captain Edward J. Smith. Look at his notes, planning and biography. Excellent work Josh!

Danni, Jack, Ella, Jake H, Euan, Alex, Caitlin, Isobel, Theo, Kara, Liam, Alfie F, Jermaine, Emma, Summer and Lily-Angelina: finished biographies

We have found out about lines of longitude and latitude.

We used Google Maps and Google Earth to look for statues, memorials and museums linked to the Titanic.

The Titanic's journey

Caitlin and Oliver M have worked so hard discovering lots about the Titanic's journey.

Great solving of the topic crossword Lily-Angelina and Euan.

We looked at the White Star Line flag and created our own. Take a look.

We designed our own flags

Entertainment options on the Titanic.

YEAR 6 have been working so hard on Formulae

Look at how Titanic crew members would have looked

Great work Alfie E.

Super timelines - Jack, Max and Noah

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