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Titanic - week 1 1st June - 5th June

Super maths by Luca, Jack and Noah

Titanic poem by Noah

We found out lots about Daisy and her family from our new book 'I was there - Titanic'.

Euan made lots of notes while watching our hook video from the SeaCity museum.

Look how confident we are at rounding numbers.

The children in school worked hard on their maths today - Tuesday

Great sorting Oliver M.

Great rounding Elliott.

Excellent Euan.

Lovely work Jake and Ruby

Noah has been enjoying creating some art

Great labelling

Well done Evalyn, Euan and Isobel. Good advertising posters for the Titanic.

Great creativity to use JIT to make a poster to advertise the Titanic.

Would you be able to label the parts of the Titanic?

Great poster Finnley!

Well done Oliver M - great poster.

The Titanic by Max, Josh V, Caitlin, Ruby L, Lily-Angelina, Noah, Alfie E, Alex and Maisie

Brilliant mindmap Euan

Archie, Kara, Liam and Jermaine spent the afternoon doing art work on the Titanic. We watched clips to see which way the Titanic sunk to help us and used sugar paper, tissue paper, pipe cleaners and cotton wool balls to make the icebergs and the sea more 3d. We had great fun today.

Well done Archie, Thomas, Liam, Ella, Jake C, Caitlin and Lily-Angelina. Super posters!

What brilliant work using minecraft. Great work from Oliver M, Jake C, Theo and Euan.

How talented is Evalyn. What patience she has had to make her Titanic on minecraft.

What a great version of the Titanic on Minecraft by Finnley H.

Still image for this video

Take a look at Jack's Titanic and iceberg using Minecraft.

Still image for this video

Great Minecraft Lily-Angelina.

Follow the link below to watch Euan's superb Minecraft video on his Titanic model. He will take you on a trip around and inside his ship from steerage to the crow's nest. 


The video is on our video resource as he worked so hard it was too big to fit on our page.

Kara, Liam and Jermaine made personification posters in school on Wednesday.

Brillant work on personification Alfie E, Jack, and Euan

Well done for working on the Titanic SPAG activity.

We have learnt lots about how the Titanic was constructed this week.

Brilliant reading comprehension answers on 'Building the Titanic'.

Look at this amazing lego model of the Titanic that Ella found. You will have to travel to New Zealand to see it though!

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