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Percentages Week 2 - 27th April- 1st May


Monday 27th April 


This week we are moving onto percentages of amounts. 

I have put a power point on for today that I am talking on to support you with this. Hopefully this means mums and dads can leave you to it and put the kettle on! 


Give it a go and see how you get on. I am sure you will be fabulous!

Tuesday 28th April 


Today we are going to focus on finding multiples of 10% in numbers (20%, 30% etc.) using our new knowledge of how to find 10%. Again I have voiced a power point to work through and then there are sheets to have a go at. 


Here is a colouring in challenge for those who would like to do it. Enjoy

Wednesday 29th April

Thursday 30th April

MyMaths has been set for you on percentages of amounts today. It will revise 10% (and multiples of 10%), finding 25%, 50% and 75%.

Friday 1st May 


I have added a challenge below for you to have a go at. You do not have to do all the suggestions but could pick from the list. 

On Friday we also have a go at our times tables. I hope that finding percentages this week has helped you understand even more why we must know our tables at speed. 

You could use TTRockstars and I know lots of you are on this so well done. 

You could use if you would like to.


Whatever you choose - 3 minutes will make all the difference.

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