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Percentages week 1

Monday 20th April


There is a Mymaths lesson on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages ready for you today. Please work through the lesson today and watch the maths mansion video.



27 Percentimole

understanding the equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages

Tuesday 21st April

Take a look at the power point on Percentages; try and answer the challenge questions. There is a maths antics video for you to enjoy. 



Work through the homework on My Maths if you didn't do this yesterday.

If you have already completed the homework, try Busy Ant percentages challenges 1 and 2. 

Math Antics - What Are Percentages?

Wednesday 22nd April and Thursday 23rd April


Have a look at the sheets attached. Try and answer the questions on paper or on j2Office if you want to. Do not do all of the questions. Give yourself about 30/40 minutes then stop. Either start on green level or pink. We often spend a couple of sessions on these when we use them. 


Mums and dads only . If you have lost the children with the sheets, try the game. 

These are our normal challenge slips. What colour do you normally do? (Mrs McCarthy's group always do green)

Nrich matching game


This is a link to an interactive matching game to play online. if you read the instructions under the board, you will see some variations of how to play.

There is also an option to print out the cards to have your own sets. 


Please take time to go back over the clips and make sure you are feeling confident about the key percentages you have been introduced to and their matching fraction and decimal equivalences.

Perhaps make your own poster to go in your room to help it sink in or flashcards(or use the game cards).

Times tables Friday challenge


It's Friday again and we normally do our speedy times tables every Friday.

This is the website I print them from but we will do them differently for now. 


Instead of needing to print them:

Choose how many you want to be tested on

Which tables you want to be tested on


The program will time how long it takes you. You will be slower as you are typing and can only see one at a time. 

See how well you do. 

You can print tests but only if you want to.




TTRockstars - who is in the lead at our school. Can you get your rockstar name up there? Can you get ahead of me (Jennifer Moon) or Mrs Davis (Ace Davis)!

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