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Measures - Week 4 - 11th May - 15th May

Work through this powerpoint. There are questions for you to try, so you will need a pencil or pen and paper handy. I am sure you will be confident with this after all the work we did last week. I have put a HTU grid to help you on the page.

Use this table as a guide to laying out your answers. Try to be exact to mm, cm or m.

Tuesday 12th May

This morning we are going to revisit mm, cm and m and move on to include Kilometres. Have a pen/pencil and paper ready as there are questions to answer.

Wednesday 13th May

Thursday 14th May


Let's talk about imperial measures. You will need a pen and paper for a short challenge on kilometres and miles. Your main task of the day is on the final slide and a picture of it is also below the powerpoint. There's lots to listen to and take in today but a poster challenge at the end. Gel pens at the ready ..get set ..go!

How will you choose to sort the measures?

Friday 15th May


Times tables day is with us once more. Have you seen the clip of Lily-Angelina in Week 3 on TTRockstars? If you haven't, you must take a look. She has set the bar high!

Use TTRockstars from safari/Google/Bing if you can't access via j2e. It glitches on some devices from that platform.


Use to test yourself if you would like to.

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