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Measures - Week 3 - 4th May-7th May

This week we are starting to look at measuring. We will begin with mass. Take a look at the change of daily challenge to revise square numbers and learn about prime numbers.

Each day spend a few minutes practising your square numbers and learning about prime numbers. Follow the links as I add them below.

Monday 4th May 

We are going to start by revising what are grams and kilograms. Follow the activities in the powerpoint.

Tuesday 5th May 


Today we are going to covert measures from grams to kilograms.

There are two levels of conversions and two sets of answers in this challenge below. 

Converting Grams to Kilograms and Grams

Wednesday 6th May


Two challenges:

Challenge 1 

Yesterday we converted grams to kilograms. Today we will do the opposite and convert kilograms to grams. One of yesterday's challenges did already touch on this but this should help make sure you have a good understanding. 

Challenge 2:

Imperial units of measure to explore. 

Thursday 7th May


Time to test ourselves on our  times tables again. Try to beat your score on TTRockstars. 

Use to test yourself like at school.


Burton Bake Off!


We have been doing lots of measuring and conversions. I think it is time to put it to good use. Time to wash hands, find the apron and have fun in the kitchen (with permission). 

Choose a recipe and have a go. 

Parents to make it a challenge, try to get them to convert the measurements from grams to kilograms or from ounces to grams (that would be quite hard for them though).


Photograph your culinary exploits and the recipe as we all might want to give it a try. 


Have fun. 

Ready, Steady Bake! Here are some photos to tempt you.

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