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Welcome to Ladybirds!


We are a Year 1 class who love to learn. Our Class Teacher is Miss Niblett and our Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Taylor and Mrs Hewitt.


PE is on a Wednesday and a Friday. Please ensure that the correct named PE kit, including shoes for outside games, are always in school. We are very excited about the opportunities that our new garden gives for outdoor learning. We will be going outside whatever the weather so please make sure that your child always has a coat in school.


Miss Niblett has her PPA time on a Wednesday afternoon when the class will be covered by Miss Tanner and Mrs Elliott who are part of our brilliant HLTA team.


Could you help support the children's learning by listening to children read or getting involved in creative activities?  Are you able to help run an activity during Terrific Time on a Friday from 2.15 until 3.15? If you have any regular spare time we would love to hear from you.


Please continue to support your child with daily reading. If your child reads at home more than four times in a week, they will receive a Reading Badge on our new 'Marvellous Me' app. Remember to sign their reading diary when you read with them and they will receive their badge at the end of the week. It is also important to read story books with them from the local library.  As Dr Seuss the author of 'The Cat in the Hat' said:

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

Remember learning continues every day at home when you talk with your child about their day, and they can share with you some of the fantastic learning that has been happening at school.


Please take time to discuss with your child their termly POWer project home learning and the activities that they want to undertake for the half term. All the information you need about this is on the Year 1 and 2 curriculum page.


Our door is always open after school if you have any queries or concerns. We want to work in partnership with you to ensure your child is a happy, resilient, enthusiastic and independent learner who makes good progress throughout the year.

Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl 1 Our Woolly Web at the beginning of the topic.
Roald Dahl 2 Our Woolly Web at the end of our topic!

At the beginning of our Roald Dahl topic, we made a Woolly Web, thinking about what we already knew about Roald Dahl. If we knew a fact about Roald Dahl, we put our first finger in the air and wound the wool around our finger as we said the fact. As more children shared facts, the wool turned into a web shape.


As you can see, at the beginning, we only managed 12 facts and most of these were about books he had written and films that had been made from his books. Throughout our topic, we researched and learned lots of new facts about Roald Dahl, his work and his life and yesterday we re-made our Woolly Web. This time we managed 32 facts and every single child was able to give at least one fact! Super work Ladybirds!

Fire Fire!

Fire Fire! 1 Our Woolly Web at the start of our topic.

We asked the question, "What do you know about the Great Fire of London?"


These are some of the things we are thinking about:

  • It happened in London.
  • Lots of buildings got burned down.
  • It started in a bakery.
  • The baker was cooking food when it happened.
  • Were there fireworks?

Treehouse Theatre Drama Day

Treehouse Theatre Drama Day 1
Treehouse Theatre Drama Day 2
Treehouse Theatre Drama Day 3
Treehouse Theatre Drama Day 4
Treehouse Theatre Drama Day 5

We had a super start to our new topic when Ben, from the Treehouse Theatre, came into school for our drama day!

In the morning, we all went into the hall where Ben told us the story of how the fire started at Thomas Farriner's bakery on Pudding Lane. We returned to the hall in the afternoon where we became Londoners, living and working in the city at the time of the fire. We dressed the part, with cloth hats and flat caps, and decided what our job would have been; we were bakers, butchers, tailors and grooms to name a few! We acted out the story of the Great Fire, including waking up to the shouts of "Fire! Fire!", collecting our treasured possessions as we fled our homes and attempting to stop the fire by using water from the Thames and creating fire breaks by pulling down houses. We learnt that one of the most important things the people could have saved was their house deeds, as this meant that they could rebuild their homes on their land following the fire. What a fantastic day it was!

Easter Labyrinth

Click on the word document to see what we have learnt about the Easter story...

Our End of Topic Woolly Web

Our End of Topic Woolly Web 1
Our End of Topic Woolly Web 2

Last week we recreated our 'Fire Fire' Woolly Web! As you can see further up the page, we created a Woolly Web at the start of our topic thinking about the things we already knew about the Great Fire of London. Back then, we had only a handful of ideas. However, when we recreated it after our term of learning we recalled an incredible 34 facts about the Great Fire of London and every single child could remember at least one fact!

What a fantastic half term of learning it has been Ladybirds!

Our Marvellous Machines Woolly Web

Our Marvellous Machines Woolly Web 1
Our Marvellous Machines Woolly Web 2

At the beginning of this topic, we were asked to think about the question, "What are Marvellous Machines?" 

As you can see, we had lots of our own ideas about what a marvellous machine could be. We will be spending the next few weeks exploring our ideas and finding out whether our initial thoughts are true or false. 

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