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Foundation Stage

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Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage!


We are two classes of EYFS children who love to learn through investigating, exploring and play. We follow the Early Years Curriculum and use Read, Write Inc to help us with our phonics, reading and writing.  Mathematics is taught through the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach.  


 What to expect when you walk in our classroom


  •  Children engaged in Planned Purposeful Play which we call Ace Active Agent Time.
  •  Adults listening to children, encouraging speech by modelling, rephrasing and repeating. 
  •  Children will be given thinking time and wonder time to deepen their thoughts.
  •  Focus challenges set for the children’s needs.          
  • All areas of the Early Years curriculum will be valued.
  •   There will be lots of opportunities to learn through doing. Fine and gross motor skills will be enhanced.



“When children are relaxed and happy they do their best thinking”

Professor Julie Fisher


“Effective interactions are where the child gains something positive

that he or she did not have before”

Oxfordshire ACI Project 


When you come into our classroom there are three learning experiences you could see: adult-led, child-led and adult initiated.  Each of these has their own purpose and each requires different kinds of adult input.


Adult-led allows children to carry out activities that otherwise they may not be able to manage by  themselves, such as cooking or scissor skills.


Child-led is where the child will direct and lead the play in any way they wish.  It is based on the idea that we are naturally curious about our world.


Adult-initiated is where the adult will provide a safe and stimulating environment to exploreand test their ideas.   






Characteristics of Ducks’ and Otters’ Learners


Playing and exploring Active Learning Creating and thinking critically
  •  Physically engaged
  •  Mentally engaged
  •  On their own /      Independent
  •  Working with others/ collaborating
  •  Risk taking
  •  Confident
  •  Respect for others
  •  Flexibility
  •  Trusting
  •  Joining in
  •  Interacting


  •  Excited/Eager/Motivated
  •  Expressive of emotions
  •  Showing         satisfaction/achievement
  •  Investigating
  •  In control/     leading learning
  •  Involved/absorbed/concentrated
  •  Testing ideas/theories/skills
  •  Consolidating/theories/skills


  •  Sourcing own    materials/resources
  •  Recreating experiences
  •  Showing connections
  •  Using imagination
  •  Curious
  •  Making changes
  •  Humorous
  •  Purposeful
  •  Persistent
  •  Resilient
  •  Problem solving
  •  Logical



Curriculum Overview 2019 - 2020

Overview 2019-2020 Subject Specific

What are we learning this term?

Below is the link to the Burton Learning Zone which has relevant websites/games for your child according to our topics.

Welcome to Burton CofE Primary School