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Tuesday 24th March - Friday 27th March


We are  moving on to look at decimals. I have put a few YouTube clips for you to watch. I have included Maths Antics and Maths Mansion. Watch these a few times over the week to keep reminding yourself about the basics of decimals.

Math Antics - Fractions and Decimals

An Introduction to Decimals

An Introduction to Tenths

An Introduction to Hundredths


An Introduction to Thousandths

3 The Deciworm

Session 2:

Ordering decimals


Yesterday we looked at what the different parts of decimals were worth and also changed a few fractions into decimals. Today we are going to look at which decimal is worth more/less. There is a new MyMaths lesson ready for you on ordering decimals. 


Session 3 

We are going to continue with decimal place value. I have added another Maths Antics clip for you to watch. I want you to really think about how each part of a decimal number is made up.

Math Antics - Decimal Place Value

Try your hand at these challenges. (Do not print them out. There is no need)

These activities are extra. 

I have attached below Live BBC lessons on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages .  Do you remember the Live lesson we did on Remembrance day last term?  The first programme is for years 3/4 so it will really just revise and be fun so enjoy. There are activity sheets online too. Again you do not need to waste printing them out. 


The second programme, clips and activities lead on from the programme and are aimed at Upper Juniors. There are activity sheets linked to the programmes and clips.

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