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Decimals Week 2

This week we are going to carry on with decimals for a little bit longer. I am including videos and activities on this page. Dip in and work through at your own pace.

I will set a kahoot challenge again Friday. Try and beat 'Best Teacher'! 

Keep looking at the page as I will update the challenges. 


Thank you to the parents who are sending me examples of the work being done.

Kestrels team are the best.


Keep safe


Mrs Kolbucaj

Math Antics - Converting Base-10 Fractions

My Maths lesson and homework has been set.

Showing the relationship between fractions and decimals, and identifying decimal equivalents of tenths, hundredths, ¼, ½ and ¾.

How many decimals can you make. Who in your family can make the most?

Ordering mixed set of numbers with up to 3 decimal places

Choose the level you feel confident at. Will you start at one star, two stars or three?

To finish our decimals for now, see how good you are at comparing decimals at speed.


Times tables Friday challenge


It's Friday. We normally do our speedy times tables every Friday.

This is the website I print them from but we will do them differently for now. 


Instead of needing to print them:

Choose how many you want to be tested on

Which tables you want to be tested on


The program will time how long it takes you. You will be slower as you are typing and can only see one at a time. 

See how well you do. 



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