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Badgers (2019-2020)

Welcome to Badgers!




To all my lovely Badgers and their families,

Well done to all those who have embraced our new style of learning at home! I have been so impressed and given out so many 'Brilliant Blues' and 'Celebration' badges!


The year 3 and 4 team have been working really hard over to plan and prepare useful but also fun and exciting learning activities for you.  You will find these super activities on our school website on the main page of year 3 and 4.  


Each Monday, you will find Maths and English activities called Quests, alongside relevant resources to support learning.  Maths and English learning includes activities on MyMaths and that should last a week and will be changed weekly.  Here you will find activities aimed at year 1, year 2, year 3 and year 4.  Please try choosing the year group that suits you best as a learner!  You may find one year group too easy, whilst another too challenging, so it might take some time to find the one that suits you best.  This is fine,to be expected and please just try your best.  Some of you may like to try each year group activity before you decide or you may want to complete every activity!  It is your choice!  All logins and passwords can be found in your child's Reading Record.  If you are experiencing any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact the school and we will do our best to help you.  


Fun topic activities and relevant resources are available for this half term and I am very exciting to announce it is on 'London landmarks!'  Remember, these activities have been set for the whole half term, so choose what you would like to do, it is not a race!  Please enjoy them.


You will find a section called 'Additional Activities' where you will find a range of other activities including Spanish, Science, Music, RE and more.  These are there if you would like some different activities to complete.  They look super!


You will also find a section called 'Gallery' where I will regularly upload your work and photos that you have either posted on J2E Launch to me or emailed the school office with them.  Please remember in the interests of safeguarding, please only write your first name and no personal details.  


I will continue to upload myself reading stories during the normal school week  so we can continue our 'Drop Everything and Read' (DEAR) time!  I will be reading books with a London theme! This can be found on the children tab under Video Resource Zone.   Please try and include a daily 'reading time' for you and your child to share a book together, whether your child reads to you or you read to your child.  


For now my lovely Badgers, keep safe at home.  I am thinking of you all.  Thank you for your messages via J2E Launch.  I will comment on any work on J2E Launch but for more personal messages I will reply through Marvellous Me.   I will continue to award work with 'Brilliant Blue', 'Gold' and 'Celebration' Badges.  Please remember to have fun whilst learning.  Pace yourselves and do what you can reasonably do!


Mrs Castro smiley

Friday 3rd April

Friday 3rd April completed activities

Tuesday 31st March, Wednesday 1st April and Thursday 2nd April

Additional activities

Indie teaching us the colours in Spanish!

Still image for this video

English - Persuasive Letter Writing

Self-portraits in the style of a Tudor!

Friday 27th March - Badger letter and Poetry

Friday 27th March - Home Learning

Wednesday 25th March


Hello to all my lovely Badgers and their families.  I hope you are all well.  Thank you to those who are embracing your home learning.  We can do this!  Below are some examples of writing that the children have completed using J2Office today.  

Suggested activities to do at home 23.03.20

Tuesday 17th March - A special visitor came to school today to teach the children some new key skills in cricket.  Craig, a professional Sports Coach taught the children some great games to play with a partner and as part of a team.  We had a great time!
Tuesday 11th February - Our visit from Sandstorm Music!  

Monday 27th January - The Water Cycle!


We started by discussing matter of state and how water is amazing because it can be a liquid, solid and a gas!  Water can be a solid (ice cubes), a liquid (water we drink) and a gas (water vapour/steam).  We wondered how clouds are formed and why it rains.  We learnt about the water cycle and how heat from the sun causes water to evaporate from seas, lakes, rivers and streams.  We learnt that water  evaporates from puddles and ponds and the evaporation process happens even on cold or cloudy days.  The liquid water turns into water vapour when it has evaporated.  The water vapour in the air rises, and as it does it cools down.  Eventually, it cools enough for the water vapour to condense and form small droplets of water.  The droplets of water clump together to form clouds.   As more water vapour condenses, more water droplets are formed in the clouds.  Eventually, the water droplets are large and heavy enough to fall back to the surface of the Earth.  These droplets of water fall from clouds in the form of rain, sleet, hail or snow.  When the water falls back to Earth through precipitation, it may fall into oceans, lakes, rivers or the ground.  Water that falls on the ground is either absorbed into the soil and is used as drinking water for animals or plants or it runs over the ground and collects in the oceans, lakes or rivers.  The water is then evaporated and the cycle starts over again!  

Monday 20th January - We observed how materials change their state of matter when heated or cooled.

Take a look at our photos of solid, liquid and gas particles in the word document below!  We are the particles!

We investigated whether heating chocolate, cheese, wax and water changed its state of matter and whether ice cubes left at room temperature would change its state of matter.   Mrs Castro put a liquid face mask on and it dried changing its state of matter to a solid!  She did look a fright though!  

Monday 6th January 2020


We started the term today as Scientists investigating magnets through a range of experiments.  The children learned that magnets attract each other when the North and South poles are placed together but repel each other when you try and force the same poles together!   The children also learned that one magnet can attract lots of paperclips and even works through paper!  Wow, super scientific learning!

Magnet Investigations!

Wednesday 18th December - Year 3 Christmas party!
16th and 17th December - Over the last two days we have been investigating whether you can you make a shadow 2cm, 5cm or 10cm long and if so, how?  

17.12.19 - Our colour wheels!

Today we investigated the questions below!

What are the primary colours and why are they called this?

What happens when you mixed primary colours together?

What happens when you mix primary and secondary colours together?

How do you make a colour lighter?

How do you make a colour darker?



Tuesday 26th November - Our science investigations


Today the Badgers were testing to see whether objects were opaque, transparent, reflective or translucent.  


Transparent - An object that allows light to pass through it.  For example, a window.

Opaque - An object that absorbs the light.  The light cannot pass through it but it creates a shadow.  For example, a cereal box.

Reflective - The light bounces off the object.  For example, a mirror.

Translucent - An object that lets some light pass through it.  For example, tracing paper.

Wednesday 20th November  - Has Christmas lost its true meaning?

In Religious Studies today the children explored and discussed mystery items from the Christmas gift box.  The children had to decide whether the items were religious or not religious.   Many children felt Christmas cards were religious but many disagreed stating non-religious people also send Christmas cards.   As a result of the children's discussion they introduced a 'both' section because many items were used by both religious and non-religious people.  Several children in Badgers asked me to upload the photos as they wanted to share their experiences today with parents and carers.




Tuesday 19th November - Today we enjoyed a visit from East Dorset Bat Rescue and Rehabilitation who taught us some amazing facts about bats, including their use of echo location to protect themselves, find food and find their way around in the dark.  We also got to look at many different types of bats.  We learned about the importance of bats as a protected wildlife, the need to protect them for future generations, their importance for a sustainable future and what to do if you find one.  Ask your child what part they enjoyed most!  

Did you know?

A baby bat is called a pup

A pup is blind at birth

It takes a pup only six weeks to grow into an adult

A pup learns to shout for his mum

A bat uses echo location to find food in the dark

A pup is usually born in June or July

Fruit bats see in colour to enable them to know which piece of fruit is ripe enough for them to eat

Some bats see in monochrome 

Pups leave their mum at the end of July or the beginning of August and must eat a lot to enable them to build up their fat reserves to support them during hibernation in the winter months.

Bats can live up to 42 years

A bat eats 2-3 thousands mosquitos per night

You must never touch a bat because they carried disease.  If you find one, put a towel over it and  scoop it inside a cardboard box still inside the towel.  Find a bottle top lid and fill with water and put inside the cardboard box.  Tape the lid down and phone a bat rescue centre.  



Friday 15th November - Our Science Workshop with 'Kinetic Kate' on our topic 'Can you see in the Dark?'  The Badgers had a great time this afternoon becoming 'Scientists' to investigate light with our visitor 'Kinetic Kate' through a range of exciting experiments!  'Kinetic Kate' taught the children some super new scientific vocabulary.  Electroluminescence means the emission of light through electricity, namely a light switch.  Bioluminescence is the emission of light from a living organism, namely fire flies, jelly fish, glow worms or the scary-looking anglerfish!  Incandescence is emitting light as a result of being heated, namely candles or fires.  Incandescence can be easily remembered because it has 'cand' in its name, which reminds us of candles!  Chemiluminescence is the emission of light from a chemical reaction, for example the glow sticks the children brought home with them yesterday.  'Kinetic Kate' explained that inside a glow stick there is a chemical which surrounds a thin glass tube that contains the same ink used in highlighter pens.  When you snap/bend the glow stick the thin glass tube breaks inside and the two chemicals mix together emitting light from a glow stick! Wow!  An interesting fact is the light emitted from your glow stick lasts longer if you slow the chemical reaction down by putting it in the fridge!  Luminescence is the emission of light not created by heat.  We all had a great time!  Ask you child about what they learned as a result of their light experiments!  


Friday 15th November - Our Joe Wicks Children in Need Workout!  Thank you for all your donations today!
Monday 11th November - Our science investigation.  Does the distance of an opaque object from the light source affect the size of the shadow?  

Fin and George: "When an opaque object gets further away from the light source the shadow gets larger."


Josh and Alison: "The dark patch behind an opaque object when light is shone on it is called a shadow."


Noah and Ethan: "The further away the gnome (opaque object) was from the light source the larger the shadow became."


Woody and Aston: "Whatever the opaque object the shadow get larger the further away from the light source."


Cassie: "When I put my light source (torch) over my yellow lid on my water bottle the water inside turned yellow." 


Quinn: "I think this is because the light shines through the yellow lid and reflects on the inside of the bottle making the water turn yellow."


Alison:  "When our opaque object was a gnome the shadow became larger the further away from the light source and the shadow grew to be actually larger than the gnome itself."


Max: "Bobby Badger's shadow looked like a wolf and got bigger the further away from the light source."


Jessica: "If you put your hand in front of a light source it makes a shadow which looks bigger the further away from the light source."



4th November - 8th November - 'Yellow Mellow' Mental Health Awareness week!  This week we have explored the book 'Only One You' by Linda Kranz.  The children identified how they could make the world a better place and explored actions of kindness.  The children identified what makes them happy and things they are thankful for.  

10.10.19 - Our Modern Foreign Language Day!

07.10.19 Our Design and Technology day - creating a moving Egyptian mummy using a pneumatic system!

Egyptian Art - How to stand for a drawing in Egyptian times! Egyptian males must have one foot in front of the other. Egyptian females must stand with feet together!

10.09.19 - Egyptian Art

09.09.19 - Egyptian Drama and Art Day

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