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Arithmetic revision, money and problem solving 18th May-22nd May

This week as it is the last week before we break for the half-term, I am going to set you some different maths challenges to do.


I know you have really missed the arithmetic we do and lots of you have continued with daily 10 on J2e. That is a brilliant site so please use it.  This week, I am going to set you arithmetic tests to do daily and a separate activity as well. 


Do not (unless you want to) print them out. They are pages long!

(Normally parents when I print at school, I print at least 4 pages to one page.)

You can write answers on paper. Please do the working out with the arithmetic because so often it is the easy questions you fall back on simply because you do not check with a method. 


I am only putting Monday on for now. Let's see how we get on with that. Let me know how you do. If you can't do a question, don't worry that's what I am here for. Remember you can send me a photo or a message and I will help. 

I know you really love maths!


Mrs K 

Monday's arithmetic test

There are three levels of activities in this challenge. Most of you should be looking at level 2/3. If you normally work with Mrs McCarthy start with a few on the first level and if you feel confident move on.Again write answers on paper. Use column addition and subtraction to help you. Set your work our clearly.

Tuesday 19th May

Thursday 21st May

Friday 22nd May


We have made it to half-term. Well done.

If you have the energy today, please do go on TTRockstars, Hit the button or as we always do. 

I have loved seeing the efforts you have made. Well done to all our Kestrels and Owls children who have continued to work hard at home. 


Enjoy your half-term and stay safe as always. 


Mrs Kolbucaj 

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