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Years 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 POWer Project homework

Out of this World overview

Parent information evening July 2017

Y5/6 Long Term Plan

Walls and Barricades

Walls and Barricades 1
Walls and Barricades 2

The children thoroughly enjoyed visiting Arundel Castle as part of our learning. 

Take a look at the fantastic POWer home learning projects.

Well done to all of Years 5 and 6.

Our class reader this half-term.

Our class reader this half-term. 1

The Great War

Picture 1

Our class reader this half-term:

Our class reader this half-term: 1

Thursday 7th December 2017

Year 6 visit to the Tank Museum - Bovington

Friday 8th December 2017

Year 5 visit the Tank Museum - Bovington

POWer homeworks

Well done to everyone.

Take a look at a few of our Year 5 home learning projects.

Welcome back and Happy New Year.

Our new topic for this half-term is:

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On Monday 8th January we were visited by the Boscombe Science Zone space dome.

The children had a fantastic time taking a trip around the virtual solar system.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Take a look at a few of the amazing POWer home learning projects created by our children.

Well done to everyone and thank you for your support at home with these creations.

Space Rocket Workshops and Launch Day.

Having already designed their rockets, the Upper Juniors spent time creating their rockets ready for launch.

Thank you to the Burton Scouts for lending us their amazing 'launch  pads'.

We had great fun with most of the school  and the nursery school coming out to watch our rocket launches.

We found by adding water to some of our rockets we could make them reach great heights.


Watch out NASA and the ESA, as we have potential future space scientists at our school!

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This half-term the children are learning about the body. We will be enjoying visits from:

  • Mr Musgrove, who will be explaining about our respiratory system,
  • Kinetic Kate and Dorset Science looking at germs and illnesses
  • Flat Stan First Aid workshop covering essential first aid for children.


Year 5 were visited by Mr Musgrove.

We found out all about our respiratory system.

Thank you Mr Musgrove.

So, just what are microbes?

Bacteria come in lots of different shapes and sizes – some are round like balls, some are like spirals and some are long like rods. Some even use tail like structures to help them swim and move!


Year 5 recreated bacterium, viruses and fungus using play dough.


We found out exactly how we can use useful microbes  through two experiments.

We tested a yeast and sugar solution and yeast alone solution for half-an-hour  in warm water.

We saw how useful microbes help to make bread.

The children split into two teams - boys v girls - to see whose yeast solution could grow the quickest.

On each team, the yeast and sugar solution grew the quickest as the sugar broke down creating energy bubbles within the yeast.


On the same day, the children helped Mrs Kolbucaj to make their own yogurt.

The children found out that there are good live bacteria growing within yogurt that defend us against bad bacteria and help us digest some food types.

Year 5 were visited by 'Flat Stan First Aid'. The children all learnt essential first aid skills.

Summer term



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This half-term we are reading River Boy by Tim Bowler

This half-term we are reading River Boy by Tim Bowler 1
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