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World Kitchen, making curry. Thank you so much to Jack Barlett's Dad from Bartlett's of Bransgore for donating his time and ingredients to help us learn about, prepare, cook and taste curry. It was delicious

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Vini Vidi Vici Home Learning

 Vini Vidi Vici Home Learning 1
 Vini Vidi Vici Home Learning 2
 Vini Vidi Vici Home Learning 3
 Vini Vidi Vici Home Learning 4
 Vini Vidi Vici Home Learning 5
 Vini Vidi Vici Home Learning 6
 Vini Vidi Vici Home Learning 7
 Vini Vidi Vici Home Learning 8
 Vini Vidi Vici Home Learning 9
 Vini Vidi Vici Home Learning 10
 Vini Vidi Vici Home Learning 11

'Living Rainforest' trip

 'Living Rainforest' trip 1
 'Living Rainforest' trip 2
 'Living Rainforest' trip 3
 'Living Rainforest' trip 4
 'Living Rainforest' trip 5
 'Living Rainforest' trip 6
 'Living Rainforest' trip 7
 'Living Rainforest' trip 8
 'Living Rainforest' trip 9
 'Living Rainforest' trip 10
 'Living Rainforest' trip 11
 'Living Rainforest' trip 12
 'Living Rainforest' trip 13
 'Living Rainforest' trip 14
 'Living Rainforest' trip 15
 'Living Rainforest' trip 16
 'Living Rainforest' trip 17
 'Living Rainforest' trip 18
 'Living Rainforest' trip 19
 'Living Rainforest' trip 20
 'Living Rainforest' trip 21
 'Living Rainforest' trip 22
 'Living Rainforest' trip 23
 'Living Rainforest' trip 24
 'Living Rainforest' trip 25
 'Living Rainforest' trip 26
 'Living Rainforest' trip 27
 'Living Rainforest' trip 28
 'Living Rainforest' trip 29
 'Living Rainforest' trip 30
 'Living Rainforest' trip 31
 'Living Rainforest' trip 32
 'Living Rainforest' trip 33
 'Living Rainforest' trip 34

Welcome to Foxes!


Welcome to Foxes Class. We are a mixed class of Y3 and Y4 children. Our Teacher is Mrs Bellis and our Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Elliott.

Mrs Bellis' planning, preparation and assessment time (PPA) is on Wednesday afternoons. During this time Foxes will be taught by Mrs Slater who will teach Games, French and RE.


I can't believe we are into our final half term! This year has flown by and the children have blossomed into active little learners. I am so proud all of them, they have been been so enthusiastic about their learning. 


 This school year will finish with a gastronomical bang as our taste buds venture into the local area and further afield. to the big wide world. We are going to study food and all the delights it has to offer! We have already begun to grow our own vegetables, we will be inventing all types of recipes, sampling food from around the world and learning where it comes from.



Learning how to or honing our swimming skills as we visit the Two Riversmeet Leisure Centre on a Monday morning

and preparing for the Sports Day as we practise our skills in athletics.


Please ensure you have the correct, named kit in school at all times. Games will take place on Wednesday afternoons, now the weather is warmer please ensure you have shorts and a school P.E. T shirt in school.


Home Learning

Please encourage your child to read to an adult every day! We will continue to regularly check reading books and help the children to change them when necessary. Please use the reading records to comment on your child's reading and for any feedback about their books, reading habits etc.!

We are trialling a new exciting style of homework, where the children will be able to choose different projects to complete over the half term. Each child needs to complete 5 POWer points with the tasks they choose. This should enable the children to become more involved in their learning due to their homework being child led.

At the end of the term will  invite you in to see all the fabulous completed projects.


There is still an expectation that children will practise their times tables using RMeasimaths, J2E Blast and Top Marks web sites.

Learning the words on the 3 and 4 spellings list is also important and we will be regularly testing the children to see how many they can spell. Travelling to and from school is always a good time for oral practise!

We will also be continuing to practise telling the time so any time spent looking at analogue and digital clocks will be time well spent!

Foxes Out And About
Mr Foxy, our class mascot, will be having an adventure every weekend when he is taken home by one of our class members. Mr Foxy has his own diary where children can write about the things they have done with Mr Foxy during the week. The children have been asked to look after Mr Foxy really well! Please encourage your child to write a few sentences about where Mr Foxy has been, and to try and put a photo of your child and Mr Foxy, in the special book.

If you want to share any positive thoughts about your child's learning and progress then please do! Write it in their reading records and we will endevor to reply as soon as possible. The same goes for any difficulties that your child may be experiencing. Don't leave it, let us know. It will have a huge impact on your child's learning!

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!
Welcome to Burton C of E Primary School