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Badgers (18/19)

What Lovely Learners we are!

What Lovely Learners we are! 1
What Lovely Learners we are! 2
What Lovely Learners we are! 3
What Lovely Learners we are! 4
What Lovely Learners we are! 5
What Lovely Learners we are! 6
What Lovely Learners we are! 7
What Lovely Learners we are! 8
What Lovely Learners we are! 9
What Lovely Learners we are! 10

Marvellous Marwell!

Marvellous Marwell! 1
Marvellous Marwell! 2
Marvellous Marwell! 3
Marvellous Marwell! 4
Marvellous Marwell! 5
Marvellous Marwell! 6
Marvellous Marwell! 7

Spectacular Science Day!

Spectacular Science Day! 1 Plastering our broken bones!
Spectacular Science Day! 2 Oh dear!
Spectacular Science Day! 3 Listening to our hearts!
Spectacular Science Day! 4 Labeling our bodies.
Spectacular Science Day! 5 One real broken leg, one fake.
Spectacular Science Day! 6
Spectacular Science Day! 7 Jacob finding the bones in his foot.
Spectacular Science Day! 8
Spectacular Science Day! 9 Making food travel through our digestive system.
Spectacular Science Day! 10 Yuck!
Spectacular Science Day! 11 Squeezing the poo out!
Spectacular Science Day! 12

Welcome to Badgers!

Welcome to Badgers Class. We are a brilliant bunch of Year 3 children.

Our teachers are Miss Rosbottom (Mon and Tues) and Mrs McIver-Brown (Weds, Thurs and Fri). Our LSA is the marvelous Mrs Markwick.

Mrs McIver-Brown's planning, preparation and assessment time (PPA) is on Thursday afternoons. During this time Badgers will be taught by Mrs Slater for Games and Miss Daniels for Spanish.


Wow, I can't believe the first half term is over. the children have settled well and are working really hard.

We all really enjoyed our first topic 'The Living Rainforest', the children learnt well and are now sloth enthusiasts!


 Our current topic is Funny bones. It is time to put our lab coats on. Our Science focus  will be the Human Body and our mini doctors will be examining skeletons, muscles, teeth and the digestive system!!! We will also be becoming authors writing our own version of the 'Funny Bones stories.



Our games lesson will take place on Thursday afternoons. Please make sure you have suitable school shorts, T shirt and trainers. As the weather becomes colder please ensure you have a warm tracksuit.

PE will be on Tuesday afternoons and we will need  shorts and a school P.E. T shirt.

It is important that we have the correct, named kit in school at all times.


Home Learning

Please encourage an adult to hear you read every day! We will continue to regularly check reading books and help you to change them when necessary. Please ask your adult to use the reading records to comment on your  reading and for any feedback about your books, reading habits etc.! We do collect the reading diaries in daily to keep a check on your reading. If you can't manage to read at home we will provide an opportunity at playtime for you to do so. Remember when you have your reading record signed at least 5 times in a week, to show you have read, a 'Super Reader' badge will be sent home via Marvellous Me.

We are looking forward to seeing the amazing variety of POWer projects you are working on. Each child needs to complete 5 POWer points with the tasks they choose. Work together with Mum and Dad to complete a project.


There is still an expectation that you will practise your times tables weekly using RMeasimaths, J2E Blast and Top Marks web sites.


Learning the words on the 3 and 4 spellings list is also important and we will be regularly testing you to see how many you can spell. Travelling to and from school is always a good time for oral practise!


We will also be continuing to practise telling the time so any time spent looking at analogue and digital clocks will be time well spent!

Badgers Out And About
Alfie Badger and Thistle Badger, our class mascots, will be having an adventure every weekend when he is taken home by one of our class members. Our Badgers have their own diary where you can write about the adventures you have had with them during the week. The children have been asked to look after our badgers really well! Please remember to write a few sentences about where they has been, and to try and put a photo of you and a badger in the special book.

Parent Feedback
If you want to share any positive thoughts about your child's learning and progress then please do! Write it in their reading records and we will endeavour to reply as soon as possible. The same goes for any difficulties that your child may be experiencing. Don't leave it, let us know. It will have a huge impact on your child's learning!

Look on our Year 3 and 4 page to find some cool websites that we will be using in school and you can use for practise at home.

We are excellent mathematicians!

We are excellent mathematicians! 1
We are excellent mathematicians! 2
We are excellent mathematicians! 3
We are excellent mathematicians! 4
We are excellent mathematicians! 5

We are English entuhusiasts!

We are English entuhusiasts! 1
We are English entuhusiasts! 2
We are English entuhusiasts! 3
We are English entuhusiasts! 4
We are English entuhusiasts! 5

We found out all about the Hindu festival of Divali in RE

We found out all about the Hindu festival of Divali in RE 1
We found out all about the Hindu festival of Divali in RE 2
We found out all about the Hindu festival of Divali in RE 3
We found out all about the Hindu festival of Divali in RE 4
We found out all about the Hindu festival of Divali in RE 5
We found out all about the Hindu festival of Divali in RE 6
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